Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Blogiversary to me!

My blog is one year old! Wow, it's amazing how much has changed in a year...

Intelligence of blog entries
At the beginning: They must be perfect little essays.

These days: It’s okay to do a rambling and marginally understandable post on my confusion over the word NEXT.

Attitude of husband on my blogging:
At the beginning: You started a blog. Cool!

These days: You were blogging all that time?

Time wasterliness:

At the beginning: Must get to work!

These days: Must see what my buddies are up to!

Smuttiness of books I read:

At the beginning: Breathless and red faced at first Anita/ Jean Claude sex scene

These days: “funniest, dirtiest gay porn book ever” constitutes an excellent recommendation.

True Blood and Sookie hits:

At the beginning: What’s that?

These days: Constantly think my blog has become really popular, only to realize every Tuesday that everybody on the planet is Googling off that stupid show!

Time spent analyzing book covers featuring half naked men:

At the beginning: I'm not really that kind of person.

These days: Ooooh! An email from Katiebabs!

Attitude about meeting people in person that I only ever met online:
At the beginning: That is a thing pedophiles do.

These days: Distraught that I couldn’t go to San Fran! But I met Lisabea and Shannon in Chicago.

Knowledge of Richard Armitage:

At the beginning: Who’s that?

These days: Gasp! He touched her hand!

Opinions on guys who have sex with trees and aliens with multiple sex organs:
At the beginning: WTF?

These days: Hello, that plot device again?

Concern that new potential advertising clients will Google me and find my blog and not hire me because I seem [insert unsavory adjective here]:

At the beginning: Totally freaked about it. Keep entries tame just in case.

These days: You can now Google my real name and this blog comes up on the first page. Sort of don’t care. Entries not tame. In denial.

Blogging epiphanies:

At the beginning:

1. Blogger works better in Firefox
2. Shit! I have to think of something new to say a few times a week!
3. Wow, blogging takes a lot of time.
4. People out there do some really scary Google searches.
5. It is scary that I know that.

These days:
I'm in contact with a lot of smart interesting people, and I have made some really great new friends.


Serena said...

Congrats on your blogiversary! It is fun to see how a blog can change...its almost like a living breathing animal....or something.

Wendy said...

Congrats on your blogiversary, CJ!

Carolyn Jean said...

Thanks you guys!!!

Holly said...

You seriously crack me up. Just wait another two years, then you'll be like me and only post Twitter updates on your blog..but still be considered cool (am I cool, aren't I? Hey!).


Renee said...
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Renee said...

Happy blogiversary Carolyn Jean!

My gift to you: Richard Armitage eyecandy

Enjoy! :-P

(I had to delete my previous comment for some HTML drama)

Carolyn Jean said...

Holly: LOL. When I grow up I want to be like you!

Renee: Okay, THANKS for that, and hold on, why do I not even know that SHOW? I'm totally investigating this - it looks fantastic.

Sayuri said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Dirty gay porn is the new 'paranormal' soon we will be flooded with many, many James Lear clones! Gasp! I can't freaking wait!

And just to keep the blog at the high smut level a blogiversary present in the shape of a cautionary tale. Black mesh briefs....not a good look!

Carolyn Jean said...

Sayuri: OMG, so funny. Also, I noticed that was an ebay image? WTF were they selling there?????

Sayuri said...

I know! And the best was that came up after doing a google search for 'sexy men'. LOLOL

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Everybody will not think I spend my days email hot men covers to everyone!

Sayuri said...

Still looking for the hot menz....not sure this is working!

Brie said...

Happy Blogiversary! It's been a year for me too. Boy, how time fly's and perceptions change.

Holly said...

Uh, KB..you do! Stop living in denial.

Carolyn Jean said...

KB: nobody thinks that at all!

Sayuri: Okay, that came up on Sexy men?

Brie: Thanks!!

Holly: SNORT. Yeah.

Sayuri said...

No that last picture came up when I searched 'Richard Armitage Spooks'! I shit you not!

Anyways, i finally found a little tottie you may enjoy!

Happy Blogivesary

Tumperkin said...


'Tis an excellent blog, to be sure.

Kati said...

Happy Blogiversary, darling CJ! You're one of my favoritest people in the blogiverse and I'm so glad we're friends.

Come to DC this summer...all the cool kids are!

Carolyn Jean said...

Sayuri: Wow! Thanks. I wonder if that photographer has airbrushing software?

T: Hey you! Thanks

Kati: Well that's good as YOU are one my MY favoritist peeps. Yeah, I'm totally looking at DC!!

Renee said...

*rubs eyes to get rid of black mesh briefs image*
If there was ever an argument for why boxer briefs are sexy (and male "lingerie" is not), that pic was it! ;-)

Spooks is the British spy series that is known in the US as MI-5. It's been broadcast in the US over the last couple of years on A & E and BBCAmerica. RA is the 3rd male lead they've had. The first 2 were Mathew MacFayden (Pride and Prejudice) and Rupert Penry-Jones (Persuasion), so he's following in some pretty cool footsteps.

It's really dark and has some great writing. Even my husband was excited to see "Guy" would be part of a new season. I can't wait!

Ana said...

Congratulations CJ!

and the whole post is a riot! This:

"Constantly think my blog has become really popular, only to realize every Tuesday that everybody on the planet is Googling off that stupid show" OMG so true! hahahahhahaha

Love your blog, kiddo.

raych said...

Happy Blog-Is-Old day! And to think, it took me almost a year to jump on your bandwagon (I mean that in the dirtiest way possible).

Carolyn Jean said...

Renee: Can we start Spooks in the Richard season?

Ana:Thanks buddy!!

Raych: LOL, welcome to my bandwagon! I'm glad to be getting to know you and your blog too.

ellen said...

Bon bloggiversaire, cherie! (I'm almost certain this means "happy blogiversary" in French.)

I so enjoy your funny, clever, warm voice--even though I don't know any of these books, except for the Nancies, of course.

Renee said...

While things get pretty convoluted on MI-5/Spooks, there's usually a large story arc that ends at the end of the season (as there was with Rupert P-J in the last season aired here in the US). There's a little carry over thru out the entire series, but you should be fine to pick it up with RA.

lisabea said...

Where's the lonely bird????

Happy B-Birthday CeeJay. And let me just say, the m-agnum d-ouble h-ung never looked so good.

See how I did that so no one would know?

RachaelfromNJ said...

Happy Blogiversary! I am so glad I met you because of blogger. I've made so many wonderful friends on here too.

Bridget Locke said...

Happy Anniversary, CJ. Your post totally cracked me up. So very true. :D

Carolyn Jean said...

Ellen: Thanks! I'm so glad you visit, even though you don't know the books.

Renee: Okay!!

LB: the bird is below!

Rach: I thought of you on this post, when you sent me that book when my cat died.

Bridget: LOL. Yup, sad but true.

Jessica said...


What a hysterical post, and a terrific blog!

Janine said...

Hilarious post! Congrats on a year in the blogosphere.

Kristie (J) said...

Well happy blogiversary Carolyn Jean. And I'm happy for any small part I may have played in you 'getting to know' Richard Armitage - and by the way - holy hannah to Renee for the link. Damn but I wish we got that show here! I was in the movie store the other day and saw some Spooks DVD's and just about got them - -but then thought 'Wait, RA probably isn't in them yet'

Jace said...

Congrats! ;-)

sharrow said...

Happy blogiversary to you!!!

And ahhh... yeah, so dirtiest gay porn book ever title please????

Taja said...

Happy blogiversary Carolyn Jean!

LOL about this post. Very funny look back!

Liza said...

Happy blogiversary CJ! I'm so glad I found your blog!

Kwana said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Congrats.

Carolyn Jean said...

Jessica - Thanks, and back at you! I love what you're doing over there.

Janine - Thanks SO much!!!

KJ: Yes, I lay the Richard luv partly at your feet.


Sharrow: That was paraphrased Sayuri on James Lear Back Passage - see 2 posts below this one. Look for cover with nekkid man.

Taja: Thanks!

Liza: I'm glad I found yours, too!

Kwana: Hey, thanks and thanks for stopping by!

Tracy said...

Congrats on the blogiversary!!!

I'm so glad you started it because I would have never met you...uh, online. Yes, I'm a CJ stalker! lol

“dirtiest gay porn book ever” constitutes an excellent recommendation.
LOL and this is why I love your blog - ok, among other reasons! :)

Christine said...

Happy Blogiversary, CJ!
I think I've pretty much established by now how much I love you and your blog, but I'll say it again: I'm educated and or entertained every visit. You are one of the most intelligent, articulate, witty and creative bloggers I know.

Your blog was one of the first ever reader blogs that I would visit before I started my own. It's true. I've been your fan since the days you only had one to five hits per day! ^_^


Ladytink_534 said...

Lmao. Happy Blogiversary!

sula said...

woot! I laughed at your list because it mirrors my own internal monologue very closely.

hot gay pron rulz!

happy blogiversary!!!

little alys said...

A little late, but Happy blogversary!!!!!

Whee!!! I'm so happy to have met you online and cannot wait until the day we all hang out and giggle over hot chocolate, brownies, and half nekked menz with piles upon piles of TBR books around.


Li said...

LOLOL - love this post!

Happy belated blogiversary!

naida said...

Happy Blogversary!!!
fun post :)

Bev(QB) said...

Happy First Blogiversary, CJ!!!
(I'm such a dork I missed mine last February)

LMAO at the changes you went through. Kinda scary to think about what you might be up to this time next year.

Probably singing the praises of that were-sheep porn book I keep hearing about.

Yep, I'm betting farm animal nookie by next year at this time.


Shannon said...

Happy anniversary! Isn't this blogging thing great? It was fabulous getting to meet and drink yummy sangria with you. I hope we can all do it again some day.

Sarai said...

Sorry I'm so late on the blogiversary but HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! Great post.