Monday, April 6, 2009

Please oh PLEASE vote for Iron Kissed today!!

Our little family would be so grateful!

Ever so grateful!

Okay will you vote if I promise to not post any more kitty pictures? (for a while?)

Here's the deal: Christine at Happily Ever After and I are both in the amazing position of actually maybe being able to win this huge contest! We're dizzy with shock!

If Iron Kissed wins:
  • Christine will win an iPod Touch!!
  • I will win an EREADER! *gulp*
Plus you'll be honoring a fantastic, ground breaking author and one of the best heroines ever, Mercy Thompson!

And it is SO easy. You don't even have to be registered. Just click HERE to go to the voting site, and click on IRON KISSED! And thank you so much if you already did!!!


Lea said...

Done. :)

BTW I like kitties, post as many pictures as you like.

Best Regards

Carolyn Jean said...

Thanks, Lea!!!

Kati said...

Woohoo! Go CJ, it's your birthday! Uh-huh!

I voted for IK, which is my fave of the Mercy Thompson stories. And I'll have the added bennie of helping you win.

::fingers crossed::

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Eh, I am not voting. :P

Carolyn Jean said...

Kati: Yeah, my birthday!

KB: whaaaaat?

Serena said...

i voted!

Jill Sorenson said...

Oh, crap. I voted for SL. Sorry. I read the author comments and had to do it.

Carolyn Jean said...

Thanks so much, Serena!!

Jill: That's okay! I think I'm going to lose by a huge margin.

nath said...

I voted and congrats!

Kati said...

OMG! Did you WIN????? WOW!

You are officially the goddess of DABWAHA! I bow down to you.

naida said...

awwwww...cute kitties. I voted last week :O)