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What is Ann Aguirre trying to hide about Blue Diablo? Miss Doreen's explosive interview!

Please give a warm welcome to Ann Aguirre, who has agreed to stop by and talk about Blue Diablo! We're so excited to have her here! And also, please welcome Miss Doreen on her first interview here at Thrillionth Page.


Miss Doreen: Hello Ann! My goodness, your book hit the stands this past week! Congratulations! Carolyn Jean started it the other night and she's been gushing about it rather embarrassingly (see below), but I have some reservations. I noticed, for instance, that your heroine wears a 'western look' outfit on the cover. I can't help but think there might be cowboy menages in this book. Are there?

Ann Aguirre: The outfit is misleading, I am afraid. As readers have noticed, the cover model is a bit sexed up in comparison with the real Corine. She sports "hippie chic" in the book. As for menage, I am sorry to report none.

Miss Doreen: Then what exactly is this book about?

Ann Aguirre: It's a totally kick-ass urban fantasy, completely devoid of vampires, weres or fairies. I give the world a Southwestern twist and fill it with the mythos and culture of Mexico. There's action, humor, some kissing, things blow up, and I just generally beat the crap out of my characters. Trust me, you will love it.

Miss Doreen: Are you sure you aren't just saying that there aren't any menages, and then when I read your book, I'll find myself drawn firmly and inexorably into a torrid menage scene that I'll have no choice to read?

Ann Aguirre: You should really read it, just to be sure.

Miss Doreen: You talk a good game, Ms. Aguirre, but how do you explain the following comments, which you recently made on Stacy's blog when discussing this series??

"The cool thing about cross-genre is that I have a little more leeway than straight romance [...] I can even offer the heroine several male leads to choose from, and explore various options as I go."

And later you say, "I can also fiddle around with several sexy love interests." Please explain this in full detail.

Ann Aguirre: That's the beauty of urban fantasy. In a romance, the hero has to be clear from the very beginning or the reader may wind up conflicted about who should get the girl. In UF, that kind of confusion is fine. Now mind you, I am not necessarily talking about a love triangle, rectangle or parallelogram. It just means Corine doesn't exactly know what she wants at this juncture, and she's learning as she goes, just like any single woman in real life.

I intended Chance and Jesse as possibilities when I wrote the book. Here are some descriptions to whet your interest.

My heart gave a little kick. After all this time, he still had the power to make my pulse skip. Some genius genetics had gone into Chance's making: long and lean, chiseled face with a vaguely Asian look, capped by uncanny tiger eyes and a mouth that could tempt a holy sister to sin. I wondered if he'd felt the last kiss I brushed against that mouth, eighteen months ago. I wondered whether he'd missed me or just the revenue.
To make matters worse, he knew how to dress, and today he wore Kenneth Cole extremely well: crinkle-washed shirt in Italian cotton, jet with a muted silver stripe, dusty black button-fly jeans, polished shoes, and a black velvet blazer.
I gave him the once over, an intriguing mix of long, tall Texan in battered boots, touched with Latin heat. He had legs that stretched forever in jeans faded almost white, not the kind bought with designer ‘wear’, but Levis washed ‘til the seams and creases got thin. He’d clipped his badge to his belt in plain sight.

As I checked out the rest of him, I admired shoulders showcased by a rumpled white shirt and a forest green blazer. He had a striped tie stuffed in his right jacket pocket, probably to satisfy the letter of the dress code. Nice face, I decided, if scruffy and unshaven. Frosting the hunk cake was a tousled mess of tawny, sun streaked hair.
But interestingly enough, readers are asking about me the potential in Booke and Kel, as well. To learn about those two, you really need to read the book. However, at this point, I am not ruling anyone out except Chuch, who is happily married to Eva, and Eva is Corine's friend. (Look, urban fantasy with female friendships!) And there will be more added in books two and three. I have no interest in writing about Corine as some kind of queen bee.

Miss Doreen: Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but I'm sure all the readers are thinking it: Jesse seems to be wearing battered boots. What's more, isn't it true that with some writers, their characters sometimes come up with their own ideas, and they have to write them? Are you that kind of writer? What if Corine desires a cowboy menage involving Jesse and Chance? Will you be able to stop her?

Ann Aguirre: I suspect Chance would put Jesse through a window before agreeing to share Corine with him, but as one reader said (*waves to Kat*), an empath would be a good third in a relationship.

Miss Doreen: I understand your copy editor wrote you a fan letter on your upcoming Jax book. That's really impressive and unusual, my dear. However, the content of that letter has me a bit concerned. Here is the portion I'm concerned about. Your copy editor writes:
Really good stuff, both the love story and the main plot.

The [spoiler redacted] are simply overpowering. Got to the point where [spoiler redacted] and said to myself, You do not want to read this just before going to bed. Fortunately, I was right, as became clear the next day after finishing it. The [spoiler redacted] was so affecting I had to get up and walk around before being able to get back to the job. WOW!!!
Forgive me for again pointing out the obvious, but I can only think of one sort of scene that elicits that type of reaction in a man. What's more, readers of the Thrillionth page are not stupid. I think they will find it suspicous that if one were to put variations of the phrase "cowboy menages" in where it says [spoiler redacted] that the letter works perfectly? If he's not talking about what I think he's talking about, then to what does this copy editor refer?

Ann Aguirre: I'm afraid I cannot answer this. It would constitute a major spoiler and that would make Jax fans sad. However, it is definitely not a cowboy menage, nor does Jax get it on with March and Vel. (I'm writing that under a sekrit online handle. Hey, I'm allowed to write my own fan-fic!)

Miss Doreen: Well good luck with your deadline! And thanks for stopping by, Ann--it has been fun to talk with you. Readers: Learn more about Blue Diablo and read an excerpt here!

Win a copy of Blue Diablo!

Readers, are you convinced by Ann's arguments? Or do you think this is a case of thou doth protest too much? Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a copy so you can clear up this mystery for yourself, and see exactly why Patricia Briggs says:

"Ann Aguirre proves herself yet again in this gritty, steamy and altogether wonderful urban fantasy. Outstanding and delicious. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next."

Contest Rules: Contest lasts 24 hours (It ends 9 am Friday, Central Time) and the winner will be randomly selected from commenters on this post and announced here tomorrow. Winner will also be contacted via email, so a valid email address must be provided for the comment to be entered in the giveaway. I think a link with your comment will work, as long as it leads to your email address. Good luck!!


Serena said...

Psst. I've given you an award here:

Jenre said...

A very successful interview Miss Doreen. You must be proud of her CJ!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Miss Doreen seems very horny for a Chance/Corine/Jesse menage.

Kati said...

Wow, Miss Doreen, I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings when I say, You're a bit of a priss, aren't you??

Ann, anytime you want to write a horny cowboy space menage, I can tell you that many, many readers (or at least Katiebabs and I) will be all in!

Tracy said...

Miss Doreen=prude. Just sayin. :)

Well, Cowboy Menages or not I'll be reading this book. :)

Ann Aguirre said...

Space cowboy menage, eh?

Carolyn Jean said...

Serena: Thanks!!

Jenre: Very proud indeed.

KB: You have a dirty mind!

Kati & Tracy: Miss Doreen is perfectly immune to such slander.

Ann: Oooh, uh, wait, Miss Doreen will NOT read such a book.

Liza said...

It seems like Miss Doreen is really set on reading a cowboy menage in every book.

Blue Diablo sounds wonderful and I have it on my TBB list(in case I don't win).

Angiegirl said...

Jax getting it on with March and Vel? *head explodes*

Great interview!

Ann Aguirre said...

Only in the fan-fic, Angie! Not in canon. *g*

rebyj said...

Great interview!!
I've already won a copy of the book elsewhere but you could send me a couple of cowboys! If I got my hands on a couple of hunky cowboys I'd [spoiler redacted] and then write you a very nice thank you note.

Ann Aguirre said...

Reby if I run into any kinky cowboys I may have to detain them for questions.

Margay said...

This book is on my tbr list, so I'd love to win it.


Margay1122 (at) aol (dot) com

vicki said...

I would guess that Ann is sticking close to the line by having cowboys and having menages but no cowboy menages....well, eventually my daughter will put "our" copy of the book down and I will get a chance to find out.

Ann Aguirre said...

Look what Miss Doreen started!

Kristen said...

I am super excited about this new series and that was an awesome interview!

Karen W. said...

I enjoyed the interviewed, and I'm convinced. :)

karenwitkowski AT

Karen W. said...

OOPS - that should be INTERVIEW, of course. :-/

orannia said...

As for menage, I am sorry to report none.

LOL! And I must confess to almost spilling my Coke (the drink!) over my keyboard when I read the word 'parallelogram'. If I have a nightmare tonight about a maths exam I can't finish I know who to blame *grin*

I think the book sounds really interesting...and I like that the heroine seems very real...and that in this world there are consequences to using magic.

BTW, Ann - would I be wrong in seeing Chance as Brandon Lee? He (BL) just sprung to mind when I read Chance's description :)

All the best with the release of Blue Diablo!

And thank you Ann & Miss Doreen for such a 'stimulating' interview :)

Jill Sorenson said...

Hmmm...I'm going to have to read it to make sure the cowboy menage isn't sandwiched in there somewhere. Sandwiched! Get it?

Viva Mexico! I've been to d.f. Don't enter me to win but it sounds fab.

Ann Aguirre said...

"I think the book sounds really interesting...and I like that the heroine seems very real...and that in this world there are consequences to using magic."

Orannia, you have hit the nail on the head. I tried so much to make the world and the heroine accessible. Many heroines in UF are just too uber to be relatable. They may be fun to read about, but who do you know that has perfect hair, a perfect ass, perfect abs, is a kung fu master, can throw knives with expert precision, shoot a gun and speak four languages?

Jill, how did you like DF?

Jill Sorenson said...

I was just passing through on the way to Teotihuacan, so I didn't see much of the city. :( Looked busy! My hubby and I spent three weeks in that general area.

I plan on setting my next book in Mexico, maybe Oaxaca, so those regional details are of particular interest to me. : )

Carolyn Jean said...

AGirl: Hard to imagine!

Ann: Sorry to start all these crazy rumors.

Reby: And after Ann questions them, naturally Miss Doreen will want to.

Margay: You're in! Thanks for visiting.

Vicki: Aw, shared mother daughter copy!

Kristen: Thanks, and thanks for dropping by!

Karen: Miss Doreen will be happy to hear that.

Orannia: Glad you were stimulated! Brandon Lee rocks.

Jill: Snort. And hey! Love the new picture!!

Ann: I love that. I'm glad you're writing a heroine like that.

Ann Aguirre said...

Let me know if I can be of any help with the setting.

Carolyn Jean, could you pick the winner tomorrow when it is time? I will be on a plane or in Tijuana, or... well, I think it best to stop there. At any rate, I cannot be present to do the honors.

The winner should contact azteclady1 at to give mailing info.

Thanks so much for hosting me!

Carolyn Jean said...

Absolutely - I do the random pick. Have a great trip Ann. So fun having you.

Ladytink_534 said...

This is officially on my need to read list. Thanks!!!

limecello said...

lol- I loved this interview - who wouldn't be convinced?!

Kytaira said...

I'm still learning about Urban Fantasy but this book sounds like alot of fun! I'd love to give UF, specifically Blue Diablo, a shot.

lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

J said...

Ann Aguirre is a new author to me.Excited to try out after Miss Doreen's interview.

Tumperkin said...

You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think that Miss Doreen really WANTED to read about Cowboy Menages. But I know she really doesn't. I mean she's just looking out for our interests, isn't she? So that we're not subjected to all that filth.

Tumperkin said...

You know, if I didn't know better, I'd think that Miss Doreen really WANTED to read about Cowboy Menages. But I know she really doesn't. I mean she's just looking out for our interests, isn't she? So that we're not subjected to all that filth.

orannia said...

Many heroines in UF are just too uber to be relatable. They may be fun to read about, but who do you know that has perfect hair, a perfect ass, perfect abs, is a kung fu master, can throw knives with expert precision, shoot a gun and speak four languages?

Ann - I know we've never met but I want to have your babies :) That it exactly what my problem is with UF...I usually finish a book with just such a heroine feeling...inadequate. I can't wait to meet Corine!

Carolyn Jean said...

Contest Closed! Winner is Orannia!!

azteclady said...

oh yay!!!!!! *happy dancing* Orannia, congratulations, woman!!!!! *off to email*

azteclady said...

erm... thank you kindly, Carolyn Jean (and Ms Doreen)

Happy (insert your holiday) and a great weekend, everyone!

orannia said...

OMG!!!! That is so exciting! Thank you oh so much CJ, Miss Doreen, Ann & azteclady! WOOHHOOO!

*happy dance*

Nicola O. said...

It's a good thing Miss Doreen is on the job, protecting us delicate readers from the hazards of cowboy menage.

Clearly she is no pushover. Look at how she locked on to the "battered boots." You know, sometimes, in the western vernacular, "$-e-x" is referred to as "knocking boots." I bet a cowboy menage would rough up your boots in no time.

Anonymous said...


I know I'm out of the running for the givaway, but I just wanted to share. I loved your first book (grimspace) but was unable to afford the sequel.

Today I got a copy of Wanderlust through the ILL, and from OHIO of all places. (I'm in South Florida here).

So thanks for writing books I really want to read.


Ann Aguirre said...

Yay, Orannia!

Nicola, you totally made me laugh there.

Liza, I am SO happy you were able to get a hold of Wanderlust. You know, ma´am, I brought back a few copies of BLUE DIABLO from San Diego for my own personal use. If you email me your name & address, I will send you a signed copy. I hate to hear people want my books, but cannot afford them.

naida said...

great interview!
'totally kick-ass urban fantasy'- sounds great ;)