Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The baby babble conversation: innocent mimcry or ancient demon language? Tests to see if your baby is a paranormal creature!

Congratulations to  Jackie of Literary Escapism! In celebration of the arrival of Simon, the newest member of the Literary Escapism team (who I'm sure will be tons of help with the blog!) I'm visiting over there today, and I have provided Jackie with three handy tests to see if the little one will grow up to be a paranormal creature.  

It's coming!... 
Speaking of releases, Chosen, the next Anna Strong comes out at the end of this month, August 31!!! Not too long ago, Anna Strong was named Best Fantasy Protagonist by RT Reviewers, and wow, this hotly anticipated addition to the series is getting rave reviews all over.

And here...from the blurb: Anna's "primitive vampire instincts are getting harder to control. And a new enemy wants to take advantage of that fact."

Yay. LOL. The internal struggle with an outside foreboding threat. I love plots like that!!

Congrats to KT Grant!
Also, congratulations to my pal KT Grant, whose For the Love of Mollie hit the #1 spot for the best selling chick lit romance ebook, and top ten in the Rubenesque Romance ebooks at All Romance! More here....

The Bitten by Books discussion
Also, I'm psyched that Mind Games is the topic of this week's Weekly Book Chat at Bitten by Books! Drop by and give your two cents

Image: Happy Smiling baby by D Sharon Pruitt from Wikimedia Commons. 


Chris said...

Do you have a test for cats?

orannia said...

Congrats Jackie and KT!

Do you have a test for cats?

*looks suspicious*