Thursday, August 19, 2010

You should write a story about THAT, Carolyn!!

A funny thing happens to you when you are a writer, or when you tell people that you want to be a writer - suddenly, people tell you stuff that happened to them, and that you should write a story about it...more

Hey I'm over at Paranormal Haven today, talking the twists and turns story ideas can take...and my grandmother's unexpectedly popular big idea!! Come say hi! 

Image from Lion at Masai Mara Park, Kenya Author: Wouter van Vliet


Chris said...

You do realize that I'm going to repeat that post title back to you ALL THE TIME now, right?

orannia said...

I think it's wanting to be immortalized in famous. And wouldn't it be a great thing to say at a party...'My friend the famours author wrote a book inspired by me!' LOL!

Dr J said...

You know, I think it is just that we who like books but have never really bitten the bullet to write one can think of quite a list of potential themes, ideas, plot or story lines. Having the moxy, time, or courage to do the hard work of writing--now that's the issue. I get the same thing often when I am telling an amusing story from my youth: "Oh, you should really write a book some day." Yeah--like someone would even read it or, can't imagine, buy it.