Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday items!

 Happy friday everybody! 

Blog tour: today's ponderous post:
Today, I am actually doing a sort of more serious post over at Buckeye Girl's site on unexpected things I have learned from reviews and reviewers in my short authorly career.

It's a side of the author/reviewer/reader equation that doesn't get discussed much, though, I may be only speaking for myself. Also, you can win a copy of Double Cross!!! Come and visit!!

Random items spotted out and about:


Chris said...

Thanks for the mention! *heads off to read about reviews*

Sullivan McPig said...

Great post on reviews changing how you look at your books. I must say my favourite reads are those that give me an emotional respons so please keep writing as you are now!!
And I'm so going to write my own review of Double Cross somewhere this weekend!