Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Character fashion week! + assorted strange and wild items

More at Fiction Vixen... 
It's fashion week for the main characters of the Disillusionist Trilogy! I'm over at Fiction Vixen's today with full Polyvore ensembles for my characters.

See Justine's velveteen boots that I secretly just want for myself, which go with her velvety pearl-handled purse. Check out Otto's fine jacket...and Packard's underwear! Woo! And you can win a book, too. Come see, play and win.  

Fun with a mechanical pig, Victorian masturbation implements & dirigibles...
I love this post of Meljean's on Steampunk technologies and TwiMom is holding a giveaway of the book here.

Reviewers gone wild! Double Cross reviews getting curiouser & curiouser:
  1. A fun, crazy guide to what you should expect while reading Double Cross at Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks 
  2. A hilarious non-review at Jessica's The Spinecracker's blog
  3. Woo! congratulations montage from my critique partner, Tumperkin!
  4. And lest one forget: the Gumby review! 


Chris said...

Are you having a contest for the craziest review or something?! :)

orannia said...

You have been busy! Hope the release is going well!

Calliope said...

Ok, I have GOT to know: any idea when book 3 will be due out? That cliffhanger ending of DOUBLE CROSS was pure torture!

Also...plot wise, how much time elapses between the events at the end of DOUBLE CROSS and the beginning of book 3?

Carolyn Crane said...

Chris: It just happened! I love it.

Orannia: Very busy!

Calliope: The book is nearly done, and should be out the last half of 2011, but specific dates are still in the works. The time elapsed is about 2 months - it picks up in the weeks before a certain wedding...

Believe me, I will post the release date everywhere once it is set in stone. I had hoped by now, but soon!!