Sunday, October 10, 2010

Who will have a story in Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance? & other items

Who? Me! I'm super excited to have been invited to contribute a story to the Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance! A lot authors I greatly admire are in it: Caridad Pineiro, Sharon Shinn, Annette Blair, Julia London - and I learned on twitter that Jeannie Holmes is doing one, too! 

Ghost romance, people! One of my favorite Kresley Cole books is the one with the dancer ghost. I think ghosts are challenging, yet full of possibilities. It comes out on September 29, 2011 in the UK, and October in the US. 

I haven't been reading many shorts lately, so I want to start reading some. Does anybody have any recommendations? Of entire anthologies, or favorite stories IN those anthologies?

Wassup with book #3 ???
I'm hoping to be able to announce the release date of book three, the final installment in the trilogy, at some point soon here - it will likely be on the shelves in the 2nd half of 2011...more specific info to come!

I can tell you this: The action in book #3 takes place a couple months after the close of
Double Cross, Gumby plays a key part, and there WILL be a wedding!

Interview at Open Book Society
Why the bearded symbol? Who is my favorite villain? Am I working on other projects? I'm over at Open Book Society this weekend talking about all this stuff and more!!


Penelope said...

Hi absolute favorite, favorite short story in an anthology is The Night Owl by Emma Holly, in the anthology Hot Blooded. It is a freaking great story...packs a punch in a short word count, just the way a novella should! Check it out!

Sullivan McPig said...

You know you're killing me here with that wedding info, do you?!

And I so will be buying that anthology!
C. left a comment on Facebook with her favourite short, but I can also recommend: Burning Up, Zombie Raccoons and Killer Rabbits, Nocturnal and Bespelling Jane Austen.

Katiebabs/ KB said...

Wedding?!?! (breathes deeply)

Oh my Gumby and Pokey. The wait is killing me!

Congrats on the Mammoth :)

Moonsanity said...

Inked and Unbound were great anthologies-- I enjoyed all of the stories in both of them, and they are urban fantasy.

Congrats! As far as your wedding stuff-- you are such a tease. OMG stop, just stop...of course any time you want to share a snippet that would be cool:)

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

Looks like I'll be buying this anthology now. I'm not usually a big ghost fan but I have to see what you do with them.

Honestly the ghosts stories I've liked the most have been YA (SHADE by Jeri Smith-Ready is amazing).

And for anthologies, I loved the recent Dark And Stormy Knights, and then Wolfsbane and Mistletoe.

FYI - You're evil about the wedding tease.

Chris said...

Congrats! Good news on the anthology. And it sounds like there's some other good news looming... :)

I have The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance if you want to borrow it some time, as well as some miscellaneous UF anthologies. :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Penelope: Ooh, thanks! cool! I've never read Emma Holly, either.

Sullivan: I have Burning up on my bedside table. Those are a little longer, I think, like novellas, but I think they will be helpful to read.

KB: LoL. Maybe Gumby and Pokey are getting married.

Moon: I totally forgot about Inked. I had my eye on that before!!

Abigail: Hey, thanks for the recs! And the kind words!

Chris: Oh, hey, I am so taking you up on that. Yay!

Katie said...

YES! More Gumby, gotta love him ;)

A wedding, no why did you even mention that. Now I will be dying from anticipation. What ever will I do with myself.

Vickie said...


Christine said...

Congrats on the upcoming Mammoth anthology entry. I actually buy a lot of anthologies, but usually only when I'm already reading those author's series. I like the idea of an anthology of stand alone stories, though, so I can sample a whole lot of writing from different authors and see if any really grab me.

I think paranormal ghost stories are one of the most difficult to pull off. They have the potential to be utterly romantic, but yet... I don't know.. lovers on two different planes of existence is TOUGH.

I love the cover art for this particular anthology!

My favorite anthology short has got to be "Alpha and Omega" by Patricia Briggs in the On The Prowl anthology. Although I have the new Burning Up anthology AND Let there be Hellhounds? on my pile and I hear they are both very very good.

orannia said...

Congrats on the novella Carolyn - fantastic news!

And I've just read Nalini Singh's and Meljean Brook's novellas in the anthology Burning Up - they were gooood!