Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Delving into character names!

I'm over at Dirty Sexy Books chatting with Rebecca, where we go all nerdy and analyze and discuss a whole bunch of character names. Come join us! Oh, and you could win a book, too, if you're in the US and Canada. Come say hi!

I wanted to mention a few recent reviews that I was super honored to see:
  • Both books discussed over at the pop-culture fandom blog, Cin City - topics include relating to UF characters, and the contrast in Packard and Justine's world views.  
  • Ellz Reads takes a look at Double Cross - topics: fave characters, questioning values.
  • Bookaholic Zone: "Would it be wrong to beg for hints" on #3?
  • Brenda Loves Books Discusses Double Cross, touching on love triangles, UF burnout,  believability and more.


orannia said...

Oh, I love discussions on characters' names. Names defeinitely imply a ne sais quoi *grin*

Dr J said...

Good subject . . . when I pick up a new book and look at the characters' names, I often wonder out loud where authors think up some of these. So many are just nice names and I like that--while others are so outlandish that it is just a sense of the bizare that parents would give that name to one of their kids. Of course, I realize there are lots of strange names in real life . . . Moon Unit?

Carolyn Crane said...

Orannia: Me, too!

Dr. J: Right. Moon for short?

Carolyn Crane said...