Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ten things you didn't know about Carolyn Crane

Why am I wracked with guilt? What is this "stereopticon pact" I entered into--and am I keeping up my end? Do I drain the tri-cock? Repeatedly?

The answers to these and many other things you likely have NOT been wondering about me are over at The fabulous Amber Scott Project, one of my fave blogs.

Amber is approaching publishing and promo in a lot of cool, creative ways, including her "project pay it forward." I love what she's doing over there. This woman thinks out of the box!

Anyway, today I'm there with  a hugely narcissistic post: "Ten things you didn't know about Carolyn Crane." Come say hi!

PS: I just noticed that you can win Mind Games or Halfway to the Grave at the another fabu blog, the Bookaholic Zone...until Midnight tonight! 


Penelope said...

great interview, Carolyn!

Carolyn Crane said...

Thanks, Penelope! It was really fun to do.

orannia said...

I saw the word narcissistic and freaked, but...since I know you're not Carolyn I will speed off and read the interview :)