Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who scarfed all the Christmas cookies?

Mom was up visiting and she brought a plate of Christmas cookies with her. Hey! Who scarfed all of them? Is that the  right use of scarfed? I never know.

Oh, moon & Scottie dog...
how I look forward to EATING YOU! 
Mom has a whole assembly line of cookies and treats going throughout the holidays with the grandkids, and this was the first batch. There was a turkey one, too, in observance of the fact that it IS early. Pictured, the only two left. I will spare the Scottie dog for last. When I was a kid, my fave cookie to decorate was the Scottie dog. If I'd had my way, all cookies would have been in the shape of dogs.

Radio radio
I was over at Write on Radio this past week, a fantastic local community writer interview show that gets local and national names. The week before was Lois McMaster Bujold. Kim Harrison has been on, too! Anyway, it's not a podcast, so you can only listen to it online for two weeks after the actual show. It was a really fun interview. Go here to listen.  Subscribe to the newsletter at writeonradio@yahoo.com

Jennifer Rardin Tribute Month
Don't forget it's Jennifer Rardin Tribute month co-hosted by Not-Really-Southern-Vamp Chick and Strange Candy Reviews. This is an absolutely wonderful event full of fun, thoughtful reflection by writers who knew Jennifer, plus reviews and giveaways. 

Pop Culture Fandom fun
Yesterday I was at CC2K, the nexus of pop culture fandom doing an interview.  This was such an excellent, substantial interview with Book Editor Beth Woodward about how characters take shape, power shifts, Double Cross, Gumby, and who will be the bridesmaids in the big wedding! Visit here. 

Paperback Dolls is having a massive follower giveaway where you can win a Nook or books, and they are also giving to charity. It ends December 12th. Huge! Play here. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 
I hope everybody has a good, cozy, wonderful Thanksgiving. Mr. Crane's birthday falls right on the 25th, so we've decided to stick around. Fires in the fireplace. Friends. Reading. A few video scripts to write for the dayjob. Work on the novel. What are my other US pals doing?


Katiebabs/ KB said...

Do you eat the scottie dog head first or it's tail?

Day said...

Nom nom nom!!!

Thank you for mentioning our giveaway:)

I am sticking around TX and cooking for my family then going to serve dinner at the community center for their Thanksgiving Dinner.

I wish it was cold enough here to warrent a fire in the fireplace!

Happy Bday to Mr. Crane and very Happy Thanksgiving to you!

orannia said...

Do you eat the scottie dog head first or it's tail?

A very important question! *eagerly awaits Carolyn's response*

Happy Thanksgiving all and Happy Birthday Mr C!

Carolyn Crane said...

KB and Orannia: Yes, the head!!! nom!

Day: Thanks! Sounds really fun.

Chris said...

Happy birthday to Mr C!!

I'm journeying to St Cloud in the ice and snow. Falalalala.