Friday, December 21, 2007

Coming soon: New header by Bettie!

I won Bettie Sharpe's Pay it Forward contest where she generously offered to do a design project for each winner. So I asked her to put together a new header for this here blog. I am SO excited to see what she comes up with. NO pressure, Bettie!

I believe she is working on it now, unless I have totally annoyed her with all my little caveats. And I will be running my own pay it forward contest, as soon as I can think of an equally cool prize. So much excitement.

Bettie Sharpe, author of Ember
and the forthcoming Like a Thief in the Night,
is pictured here relaxing at her LA home.


lisabea said...

Lucky Duck. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Tumperkin said...

That is the coolest. You lucky cow!

Sarai said...

Hey you won too! I believe she is working on an avatar thingie for me which I am dying to know how it is going? Curly hair and all with or without glasses is my obession I can't wait to see it! I LOVE EMBER isn't great totally rocked my world!

Carolyn Jean said...

Yeah, I am so enjoying Ember, and it's fun working with Bettie - she has great ideas. And like you, I am SO curious how my thing will turn out. I was wondering what she was doing for the other winners. I can't wait to see your avatar.

And hey, you got a penguin mug in your stocking? What a great husband you have!