Monday, December 31, 2007

Ah, the infamous clawed door

Great moments from last night's reading
Book: Demon Angel
Author: Meljean Brook
Page: Finished
Spoiler level: HIGH HIGH HIGH

I distinctly recall being midway through this book and thinking to myself, gosh, how are these two EVER going to be together? So it was delicious when they finally were, in the infamous clawed-door sex scene. I am a big fan of power-balance shifting in my fiction, and that scene, which I will not attempt to recount, did it wonderfully. But the moment from last night's reading I want to appreciate here came well after that delightful scene. It was when Lilith and Hugh returned to Lilith's apartment to get her clothes and they discover the door has been removed, taken, most likely, to be analyzed in a forensic lab. I just loved that, and it sort of doubled the pleasure of the initial scene just thinking of somebody in a lab trying to make sense of that evidence. I don't have a list of top 2007 reads, but this one would be somewhere near the top.


lisabea said...

Dang it. I did write a comment. Dang it.

3 things: First I love these Great Moments From Last Night's Reading. I wish I had thought of that!
Second: Yay! Meljean is a gifted story teller. And her stories are a heck of a lot of bang for your buck.
Last: What would be on your top 10 list for 2007?

Carolyn Jean said...

Did you lose a comment? That sometimes happens to me. I didn't make a list of my top ten this year, I just feel like it would have too many oldies (like Evanovich and Carey). Shit, it might even have old LKH. And about great moments, I'm still evolving it, but do you see how neatly it gets me out of writing formal and balanced reviews? Perfect for the lazy reader who wants to talk about what she pleases!

And finally, yes, MJ is a gifted storyteller, and who is the brilliant person who first recommended her to me? Intials LB?

lisabea said...

I am a worshipper at the altar of lazy. Just ask my husband. It's an excellent method and I applaud heartily.

clap clap clap :)

Christine said...

Hi Carolyn.
I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog... we don't really know each other, but I found you through Meljean's blog and couldn't help but comment here as her books are some of my all time favorites.

I love the scene you are referring to. Not only was the sex on the door super hot, I loved the dialogue in this scene, and as you say, how the power-balance between Hugh and Lilith was shifted. And when Hugh and Lilith noticed the door missing upon their return to the apartment!? What a fantastic little revelation! I love the way Meljean throws in details like that ... and how they provide a little humor and or depth to the story or characters!

Both Demon Angel and Demon Moon were at the top of my favorite 2007 released books of which I listed on my blog. I'd love to see what books top yours. Especially since I have the books in your side bar in my TBR or Wish List, and think we may have a similar taste in books! :)

Carolyn Jean said...

Christine -
That's funny, I just went to your blog thinking the same thing about the books YOU like! I'm really glad you came to visit.