Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wolf sex vs human sex

One of the things I loved about Bitten (which I consider to be one of the best - possibly THE best - paranormal romances out there) was how vividly and convincingly author Kelley Armstrong wrote about the pleasures of being in a wolf body—running around in the forest, nuzzling other wolves, playing, hunting, having a coat of fur. Reading it, I always said to myself, Armstrong loves dogs and she’s observed them with incredible attention and imagination.

This was all a few years back and I remember reading the Amazon reviews of Bitten, or possibly Stolen, the sequel, and I came across some guy griping about the fact that werewolf sex always takes place in human form, never wolf form.

This comment sort of surprised me, and to be honest, I never ever craved a wolf-body sex scene. I never even thought of it! Maybe I'm being species-centric here, but animal body sex scenes don't strike me as having very many fun possibilities. I suppose if anybody could pull it off and make it enjoyable to read about, Kelley Armstrong could, but I don’t believe she’s ever tried it. (I could be wrong - it’s been a while, though I’m pretty sure I’d remember it!)

I’ve read quite a few werewolf books since then and I’ve never seen a sex scene in wolf bodies. Alluded to, maybe, but never played as a scene. I’m reading all the Riley Jensen books now (excellent!) and her werewolves consider sex in wolf bodies to be like rape.

Maybe there’s a reason for this lack of sex-in-wolf-body scenes. Zero foreplay goes without saying, but I don’t know, animals never seem to enjoy animal sex in general. Granted, I’ve only seen pigeons having sex, but the female always just wants to get away. Is any werewolf author out there doing sex in wolf bodies? I’m sure this guy on Amazon would be pleased, but would anybody else?


bettie said...

First--that picture is hilarious.
Second, My thoughts on werewolf sex...
1) on a gut level--ew.
2) on an intellectual level--aside from humans, there are very few animals that have sex for fun & pleasure. Dolphins, I think, and certain types of monkeys. And seeing as I'm against characters deciding to have sex for any reason other than that they want to (this means no sex to save the world, save the the family estate, or make teh speshul magikal babies) again--ew.

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, leave it to dolphins!

writtenwyrdd said...

Wow, with cover art like that, you'll sell millions!

Seriously, the issue of werewolves having furry sex is absent for a reason. Shades of bestiality. It's, um, not exactly a topic that most people would want to admit to writing, selling, reading or publishing. I think one could have elements of it in a book and make it work, though. Depends on if it's really relevant to the story. I cannot imagine any use that would be, strictly speaking, necessary for plot, but I'm sure one could come up with a reason.

Laurel K Hamilton in one of the more recent Anita Blake books has sex with the man-beast form, though. That's the only furry scenario I can ever recall reading.

And there's a close relative of the chimp that solves all social ills by frequent sex. Anywhere and everywhere. They have a very peaceful social order where chimps do not.

lisabea said...

Um. There are a some over there at Loose-id. Just saying is all. Not that I've read them. Or anything.

Hey that picture is HILARIOUS! Bettie is correct.

lisabea said...

Hey! I just noticed that you signed up for the blog advent thingy~ I'll be here.

writtenwyrdd said...

Well if you go to furry sites, I am sure you can find some furry sex, but I wasn't meaning that particular audience, lol.

And, oddly enough, the verification for this post comment is FGRLBX.

Now that's suggestive!

RfP said...

"Laurel K Hamilton in one of the more recent Anita Blake books has sex with the man-beast form, though. That's the only furry scenario I can ever recall reading."

And Anita's punished for it with a scare over a pregnancy and not one but TWO potential horrifying diseases/birth defects. Sex with a shifted werecritter imparts a risk of something called Mowgli Syndrome. I'm not sure which syndrome involves the baby eating its way out of the mother's belly, but either way, the message is clear: Critter Sex Badscarynaughtywrong.

Scath said...

I recently watched SkinWalkers, and two of the werewolves in it have sex while in werewolfy form.

Not that it was graphic (I think they were going for stylish, because I don't remember seeing any naughty bits showing), but it was there.

Totally gratuitous, did nothing to advance the plot.

I write, and werewolves happen to be my favorite characters. I haven't had any of them sex it up in anything but human form, but it's a question that my friends and I have discussed (most of them are also writers).

I guess it comes out to each person's particular squick level. Personally I agree with another person's POV on the subject: it's sort of ridiculous to think, if werewolves were real, that there wouldn't be some times they have sex while in their half form or full wolf form.

Not so squicky if their partner's also a werewolf, I guess; the squick comes in if their partner's human. Human/full wolf form? Definitely bestiality.

Human/half form? I'd say it depends on personal squick threshold and how well it's written.

There's actually a rather amazingly large audience for such pairings that DO want to read such scenes.

A little research online proved that to me, but I still just can't quite bring myself to have any of my human/werewolf pairings to cross that line.

Now, my werewolf could happen. Maybe. LOL =)

Anonymous said...

I would lopve to read about a human being forced to haver sex with a werewolf in wolf form

by silverwolf

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Jackie Uhrmacher said...

I randomly found this! I love Bitten too! Off to be random elsewhere...

PhoneSex said...

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