Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making with the freaky freak on new releases and a contest

Actually, Making with the freaky freak is line from an old Beastie Boys song that has crept into DH and my vocabulary for multiple uses, but look! It's perfect for today, because my posse at Reluctant Adults has a MEGA four release day!

Exhibit A: Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland
The highly anticipated book two of the fabulous Demon/police procedural with hawt sex is finally out! Excerpt here. Six cool things about book #1 here.

Exhibit B: Demon Possessed by Stacia Kane
The third in the series about psychologist and psychic Megan Chase, who is becoming just a little too comfortable with demons... "Get ready for an action-packed rollercoaster ride. Kane's unique take on the supernatural is entertaining, and flaming hot sex with a fire demons heats up the pages." ~Romantic Times (4 stars) Excerpt here.

Exhibit C: Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry
Mark Henry's freaky fun zombie series moves to book 3! Check out the review on it here by
Sci Fi Guy himself: ("Smart, funny, and time well spent")

Exhibit D: Dead Matter by Anton Strout
Book #3 in Strout's highly original, totally humorous series. (
"Real magic in a real, gritty world and a hero whose moral compass wavers--delightful!" ~Tamora Pierce). Check out this interview and win a Strout here. Wicked lil Pixie interview here.

A chance to WIN ALL FOUR!
Win all four of these in Nicole Peeler's fun contest, where you answer a simple little crazy question. Ends Friday.


WickedLilPixie said...

WTG now I have to go pull out my dusty BBoyz CD's lol

Carolyn Crane said...

LOL. Now I need to, too!

Lea said...

Thanks for the heads-up CJ...

Nice pimpage. ;)

Chris said...

Oh! How did I not notice there was a new Stacia Kane book out?

*hates the Beastie Boys with a hatey hate*

Mandi said...

Battle of the Network Zombies is so funny...love that series :)

orannia said...

Oh, so many pretties! Thank you for the heads up CJ!

prashant said...

You just couldn't contain the snark, could you? *wink*

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