Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bookshelf porn...and Gumby-finding help

Good morning friends! I  hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend.

So, first off, I'm over at Book Lover's Inc. for their big 1000 follower celebration with bookshelf porn. It's like a tour through my bookshelves.

If you haven't been there this past week, tons of authors and bloggers are getting all nerdy about books. And there are many many giveaways!

Come say hi!

Also, I know it is hard to find the shadowy head of our little green friend on my new cover.

And, it's not even green. So, here is a wee clue.

I wish for all of you a lovely day of good books, good people, and to-do lists full of crossed-out items!


A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Thank you for the Gumby finding help. I was one who needed it. :) Off to see you at Book Lovers Inc.

Anna said...

Thank! I was looking for a green Gumby and his entirety.