Friday, October 28, 2011

Disillusionists' haunted house... & LB Gregg...oh nooooooo!

The Disillusionists have made a haunted house! 
Imagine my surprise to see how busy my characters have been, planning out their own haunted house.

Stop by at the fabulous Paranormal Haven today to see how each of the Disillusionists would decorate their haunted house room for maximum scariness! And, you could win a signed copy of Double Cross!

Visit the Disillusionists Haunted House at Paranormal Haven here.
If LB Gregg was not cut off from
all social media, she would remind you
that this book is out today!!

LB Gregg...oh noooo!
My galpal and sometimes partner in crime, LB Gregg (recently dubbed "the Jayne Ann Krentz of gay fiction) got the opportunity to travel to China this month. Sure, she has a book release today, but she figured she could tweet and remind her fans from there. Right?

WRONG! She is totally cut off from access to twitter, facebook (mostly) and her blog and even the Thrillionth Page is censored!

So, I am helping her to remind folks that Dudleytown her sexy, krazy fun, M/M romantic comedy is coming out today!   Excerpt here.  Read about it and buy it here. 

Goblins, Demons & Spirits for your modern life
Don't forget to visit over at the fabulous Bastard Books, read about how YOUR life can improve through demons, spirits and goblins...and win! Check it out here. 


Chris said...

Poor LB!!! I will make sure Jase mentions this release on the GRs M/M group.

Carolyn Crane said...

Chris! She would be so appreciative!!! Thanks. I seem to have exclamation point frenzy today.

lbgregg said...

Thanks both of you!!!!!!!!!!!

And Happy Halloween. It's Halloween there? I don't even know what day it is anymore!