Friday, October 14, 2011

HEAD RUSH: Cover art and back cover copy!! Yippee!

I'm so happy to have my cover! It's by award-winning cover artist Kanaxa (aka Nathalie Gray).

I think it is just marvelous!  And also, my new back cover copy.


Book Three in The Disillusionists Trilogy

In an attempt to put her unhappy past behind her, Justine Jones throws herself into nursing school and planning her wedding to Otto Sanchez, the man of her dreams. But something is off. Random details aren’t adding up…and is it her imagination, or are her friends and fiancé keeping secrets from her? And what’s with this strange sense of unease, and her odd new headaches?

Justine tries to stay upbeat as Midcity cowers under martial law, sleepwalking cannibals, and a mysterious rash of paranormal copycat violence, but her search for answers leads her into the most dangerous mind game yet.

With the help of unlikely allies, including her paranoid dad and best frenemy Simon, Justine fights her ultimate foe…and unravels the most startling mystery of all.

HEAD RUSH will come out as an audiobook (10/25) and on December 6th, 2011, as an ebook (available wherever ebooks are sold), and at some point in 2012 in print (available from the usual suspects online and select bookstores). A wild and wacky publishing schedule for the wild and wacky wrap-up of the Justine Jones saga! Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me!! 

PS: Ebook will be available for pre-order in about 2 weeks!

PPS: Hidden secret thing: One thing I love about this cover is that Justine's dashboard pal Gumby, who has a small but key part in the book, is represented just fleetingly...if you look hard at the lower left hand corner. Can't find it? See this post.


Sullivan McPig said...

Yay!!! It sounds so cool! I think this will be the first book that I will buy as ebook as well as print.

Julie said...

SQUEEEEEEE!!!! That is all. :)

KB/KT Grant said...

Sleeping walked cannibals and Gumby! HURRAH!

I loves me some evol Otto. Muah.

Anonymous said...

SOOOO exciting! I have Dec 6th marked on my calendar :-D

B.E. Sanderson said...

Yay! Pretty cover, Caroline. I can't wait to read the story. =o)

Joanna Chambers aka Tumperkin said...

Woop woop!!!

Blodeuedd said...


Anna said...


I can't see Gumby, but I'll keep looking for him.

pattepoilue said...

Squeeeeee! I've been looking at Audible every week in the hopes of seeing it there. Now I know when. I can't WAIT!!! Squeee!

PS: I can't see Gumby

GlamKitty said...

SQUEE!! How exciting for you, for us, and--natch--for Justine!
(And yep, I see your Gumby... :D)

Christine said...

Congrats on the cover!!! Can't wait to read it!