Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kindle-aholic declares a Disillusionists re-read & Jaye Wells declares her own damn holiday

Disillusionists Re-read!! 
I was psyched to learn that blogger extraordinaire, Kindle-aholic, is running a Disillusionists re-read during the month of November in preparation for the release of HEAD RUSH.

It looks like a really fun group, with some people who are brand new to the series and some doing the re-read.

You can participate right on her blog or through the Goodreads group she's set up for it. (And, in addition to all the crazy fun, one participant will win a Head Rush ARC!)

Jaye wells declares a holiday
My author pal Jaye has declared October International Urban Fantasy Month, and she's celebrating it on her blog  by giving away a HUGE bunch of awesome prizes - and by awesome prizes I of course mean tons of books. And lord knows what else she'll get up to. Be sure to drop in.

Image: From one of my trading cards. You can get a set by emailing me with your snailmail addy! carolyn (at) authorcarolyncrane.com

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