Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm over at sffworld! Interview & roundtable

New Interview at now
I'm super honored to be over at for an interview today! is a massive site for all things Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and more. There's always something interesting going on there.
JA Pitts will be at the
roundtable with me.

We discussed the characters and relationships, and talked about Faustian bargains, Midcity and lots more.

Come and say hi if you get a chance. 

Roundtable starting tomorrow
I'll also get the chance to take part in a contemporary fantasy (which includes UF) roundtable there starting later this week - along with authors John Levitt and J.A. (John) Pitts, and possibly another author.

J. A. Pitts is the author of Black Blade Blues and Honeyed Words and the upcoming Hearth and Home (2012,  Tor)  This is the Urban Fantasy series featuring Sarah Beauhall, a tough-as-nails blacksmith, movie props manager and medieval reenactor in Seattle, WA.

The books fuse Norse Mythology with the modern world. And who doesn't love a lesbian blacksmith heroine? And reenactor? So cool.

John Levitt will also be
at the roundtable. 

John Levitt is the author of the urban fantasy series featuring Mason, who has magical abilities, and his trusty companion, an Ifrit – a spirit familiar named Louie that takes the shape of an animal, in this case, a dog. 

He’s also a jazz guitarist who used to police other magic-users, and he gets dragged back into it by violent events. Well, I always say, hooray for a magical musician with a dog familiar.  Books include Dog Days, New Tricks, Unleashed and Play Dead. 

I think these roundtables are really fun and interesting ways for authors and readers to interact beyond just surface questions. And, both of these authors are doing exciting work and will have lots of good things to say (and hopefully I will, too. I'm a little nervous!)

Our rountable is right here, going on now through the next week or more. Do drop in!

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Mardel said...

hmmm...I have Black Blade Blues - somewhere around here. I bought it months ago solely for the cover. Well, for the cover and then for the book blurb. Still need to read it though. :)