Thursday, October 15, 2009

chachbag time and scary song days

Sorry, this has been the week of random posts that have little to do with books! next week I promise to be way more booky.

In the meantime, two items:

1. Apparently, Chachi (Scott Baio) is not the nice feller he pretended to be on Happy Days--he threatened to sue a romance novelist for unfollowing him on Twitter due to crass remarks he made about President Obama.

Hey, I don't care how you lean politically--you should be able to unfollow somebody on Twitter for whatever reason you please without being threatened by a meanybuttons ex-child star. And don't romance authors already get enough flak?

So, our pals at Dear Author have made a new word:

1. an individual who has little-to-no sense of humor and perceives threats to his reputation at every social media corner.

See the rest of the definition for Chachbag here. The more people who link to it and click on it, just as I have here, helps to push it upwards on Google, and help make it the real term that it should be. Because, there isn't a word like that for a social media bully. Why not Chachbag? Read about the campaign here.

And also, you don't have to make a whole post on it here like I have. You can use the word in any other post, and link to their definition, and that works too.

Scary song days at Desert Island Keepers.
More scary songs will be appearing from all corners for the next couple days at the island. That is, unless nobody else wants to play the game I started. Go see!


Lea said...

Never mind chachbag... Ass hat comes more to mind.

I guess ex child stars have little to occupy their time.

Get a life Scott!

Thanks for the heads-up CJ.

Chris said...

Pretty sad when the pinnacle of a guy's life is in his teens...

orannia said...

Chachbag? LOL!