Thursday, October 8, 2009

The new meme I found: book trailers!

So last Tuesday, I stumbled on a new-to-me blog, Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog, run by a woman named Anastasia. She has this meme she came up with, Book Trailer Tuesday, which involves--you guessed it!--posting cool book trailers on Tuesdays. The past Tuesday she had the trailer for A Madness of Angels.

I decided I want to play, too. Because of course, who can't use another blog-bligation? Me, apparently. I emailed her to ask a few stupid questions and it turns out I'm the first person to jump on her meme bandwagon.

Okay, check out the button. And the description, cobbed from Birdbrained:
Book Trailer Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by me, Anastasia. It’s very simple to play along: find a particularly awesome book trailer, embed it in a post, then proceed to coo all over it. Or, y’know, talk about whatever you want to talk about. Why did this book trailer catch your eye? Why do you want to share it with people? Did it make you want to read the book? Why was it effective (or not)?
So I am going to start looking for my book trailer. Soon.

Alert for YA fans:
Jeri Smith-Ready is having kind of a big event this month at her blog: BLOG-TOBERFEST. It's a month-long mega-extravaganza for YA fans with daily interviews and giveaways of signed books, and a grand prize of one of each of the books. That's tons of books!

Update on True Blood:
Well, Mr. Crane and I watched the second episode, and we both enjoyed it more than the first. Mr. Crane particularly enjoyed the scene where Bill killed the Ratrays, those blood drainers. He complained bitterly, however, about the romance scene. I found I enjoyed Sookie and Tara more, and again had trouble zipping my lips about Sam being the dog.


Nicola O. said...

I'm very meh on book trailers. I don't really see the point. < /curmudgeon >

Leslie said...

Thanks for the heads up on JSR. She has a YA coming out next year, should be interesting.

How long do you think you can stay quiet about the dog? lol

Patti said...

Glad you're enjoying TB a bit more. I like it because it's different enough from the books that you don't know EVERYTHING that's going on.

Chris said...

I'm with Nicola. Book trailers just seem so, so wrong to me. I'm going to be a holdout on them. :)

Rebecca @ DSB said...

Hmmm, where oh where will I find an awesome book trailer to coo over? Sadly, I've yet to watch one that inspires more than my derision, but somebody has to like them, or they wouldn't make them. I think it'd be funnier to build a meme of the worst trailers for shits and grins. Now there's an idea, hmmm....

Christine said...

Sounds like fun. You're such a sucker for "blog-bligations" (nice word).

I love watching book trailers, but they never make or break me from reading the book. I just think they're fun.

By the way, what do you mean you're going to start looking for your book trailer? Is someone making one for your book?

Renee said...

Not too big on book trailers, but when they're good, they really stick with me.
A few good ones that come to mind:
Any one by Marta Acosta. So witty.
Julia Quinn's What Happens in London.
Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver (YA)

Lots to say about TB, but too much to type. :-P

Carolyn Crane said...

Nicola: I'm surpised on how many people are meh on them!

Leslie: LOL. I'm trying hard not to spill it on the dog!

Patti: That's good news. Like, I'm hoping a certain person doesn't die.

Chris: Another holdout.

Rebecca: Play, and you can find bad trailers!

Christine: no, no, I meant, looking for a trailer to put up!

Renee: Yes, when they're good, they're great!

Christine said...

Ooohh! I got excited. ;)