Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!!

Which sister is me? I'll never tell!
I'm over at Fiction Vixen with vintage Crane
photos and anecdotes...stop by; you could
win something fabulous!
Hey everybody!! I hope all of you are enjoying a safe, happy holiday surrounded by your favorite people, you favorite pets, or at least some decent reading material!

And thanks for stopping by - you all mean so much to me. Being able to engage with readers and writers all over the world has been such a gift to me.

I'm having fun with the family this holiday. Lots of visiting, laughter, and food...am slipping into a partial sugar coma...help!! 

Hey, don't forget to stop by and say hi at Fiction Vixen. I'm there this holiday with little Christmassy anecdotes and photos from Crane Christmases past.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Visits, ways to win, & holiday mayhem!

Hi friends!

I  hope you're all well and hunkering down for a holiday full of fun, friends, family, or just relaxation with a few awesome books. Mr. Crane and I are getting ready for all kinds of Christmasy action. I have lots of prezzies for family and friends, and I'm greatly looking forward to seeing my nieces and nephew and everybody else.

And, not to sound cat-obsessed, but I put a bird feeder up by the window as an early Christmas present to the cats a couple of days ago (like getting them a TV!)  and no birds were coming to it...and I think one just now discovered it! So that's exciting.

Hey I wanted to let you know about a few bloggy  activities...

Wicked Little Pixie's 31 Days of Christmas! 
This is a really fun event full of giveaways and posts. I was there this week...comment here to win a backlist book of your choice from me!! There are tons of other authors showing up, too. It's a fun way to discover some new and fabulous books and hear about what different authors are up to these days.

Over at Wonk-o-mance
Okay, this is one of my new favorite blogs, run by a group of really clever and talented authors. Anyway, I was stoked to be invited there for an interview to talk about everything from new projects to the possibility of a certain author being whisked away from where she is working in a coffee shop by a hot band of rogues. Do stop by.

Answer one of my questions at Word Whores...
We're talking about questions this week, and I ask five of them. What do you think about cliffy chapter endings? Semi-colons in dialogue? Carolyn Crane wants to know!! 

Fiction Vixen's Blogcation
It's not up yet as of this writing, but tomorrow, the 24th, I'm over at Fiction Vixen for their Blogcation - this is a fabulous holiday event where bloggers and authors talk about all things holiday, from fave traditions to books to anecdotes. Also, you can win a $50 gift certificate!! I'll be there with a couple of embarrassing Xmas photos. I'll put up a special link to it on this blog when I can. But there's lots going on there already!! Go find it here!

 ♥ Carolyn

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas letter from Justine Jones...

Are you wondering what has become of the Disillusionists gang lately?

You're in luck:  Justine Jones is over at Nocturnal Book Reviews with a Christmas letter about what Carter, Simon, Shelby and others are up to this holiday.

Stop by and say hi at Nocturnal Book Reviews! Also, KaraKarina is holding a fabulous international giveaway along with it.

And, she's having other fun holiday guests, too, with more giveaways. Go read and enter them all.