Friday, February 22, 2013

Newsy Friday update

Good morning and happy Friday, friends!!

It's a snowy day here in Minnesota and I have a big mug of Earl Grey tea and two cats sitting beside me and I am ready to start my day...but a few updates first, because things have been sort of crazy busy here at Casa Crane and I have sucked at updating!

New romantic suspense series featuring secret agents who are hot, dangerous nerds: coming in March
I've followed my love of romantic suspense right into writing it myself. No magic, no paranormal, just straight sexy suspense and all that...with hot secret agent nerds! 

These will be short novels (50-60k range) and I'm putting the series out myself. The first book will come out this spring, tentatively in March, available widely in ebook in all the regular places, and it features Cole, an undercover expert in a very specialized brand of logistics he has pioneered. The second, coming out this summer, will feature a forensic linguist secret agent. There are no titles or covers yet.

Fire & Frost
Some time ago Meljean Brook, Jill Myles, and I did Wild & Steamy, an anothology of short novellas. Well, we really enjoyed working with each other so we're doing one again (but this time, Jill is writing as her alter ego, Jessica Sims. 

The anthology will feature the Mr. Real prequel, a really fun shifter story from Jessica Sims' paranormal dating agency world, and a steampunk Snow White by Meljean! This should be out late this month or next month. I'm excited - I really love how it's shaping up!!

Over at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks this week!
This week I dropped by to chat about the origin of a couple of names from the Disillusionists - Sterling Packard, as well as that of prognosticator Fawna Brady. This is part of a really fun series that Julie is running where she gets input from tons of different authors on names. Some of my favorite authors showed up. Go check it out!

New cover for Mr. Real
*ducks*  I've been I reflecting on Mr. Real recently, and I realized that the dark cover that was the subject of so much discussion by yours truly is actually too dark. No fault of my designer - I directed her to make it dark and paranormally, thinking it needed to fit into a genre slot. But, Mr. Real is really more of a light paranormal, practically contemporary paranormal, really. Though it doesn't belong to any genre, really.  So I changed it. 

This cover I made myself, just because I had a the perfect photo and a strong vision of Paul, my hero, sort of barging in and making himself at home in my heroine's paranormal luv-scenario. And I'm dangerous like that. I'll change the print edition at some point. 

Hey, I hope everybody has a lovely weekend. Thanks for dropping by!