Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little CJ's blogger award

Carolyn Crane: Hey Crazy Little CJ! We haven't seen you in a while. Where've you been?

Crazy Little CJ: Cut the small talk Carolyn Jean. Oh, excuse me, I forgot - Carolyn Crane. So, you know what I hate?

Carolyn: My goodness, somebody is in a surly mood.

Little CJ: Well I've only been stuck hanging on your wall for four decades.

Carolyn: Okay, what do you hate?

Little CJ: Blogger awards.

Carolyn: What?!?! How can you say that? It's really sweet when people give out Blogger awards. It's like a recognition of something that can so often go unrecognized.

Little CJ: Take your head out of your ass, Carolyn. If it was a real award, it would have a little something called a PRIZE that goes with it. Instead, it has a chore. Like, hey here's a digital picture made by some freak I don't know who probably lives in their parent's basement and has nothing better to do than make awards. Woo-hoo! Now go ahead and copy it off my blog do a post about it and bug some people with it. And if they don't happen to read your blog every day - there's a shocker - then you have to email them.

Carolyn: Little CJ, I am so disappointed in you. Yes, it carries an obligation, but it's more in the spirit of paying it forward.

Little CJ: Uh, actually, Carolyn Crane, I believe that's known as spirit of a chain letter. You'll have bad luck if you don't pass it on, or like, the person who gave you this will think you are a jackass who thinks they're too good for awards.

Carolyn: Not at all! Blog awards create an occasion to formally admire other people's blogs. Blogs are an unpaid labor of love and it feels good to get blog awards. They say, Hey, I like your blog, now you go and share the love.

When I do those awards, I like to look at the blogs I'm visiting a lot lately and really think about why I enjoy them, and then I say so.

Little CJ: What about the two Dardos conspiracy posts? What? Was that a fugue state?

Carolyn: That was just silly fun. I have nothing against awards.

Little CJ: Good, because I have a blog award for you.

Carolyn: You do?
Little CJ: Yeah, I put it on your sidebar. What do you think? Who are you going to award it to? You have to award it to one person.

Carolyn: Oh! Little CJ! That's an awful award! I don't think I like that award at all! And I'm not going to give it away.

Little CJ: Okay, well, I have to go.

Carolyn: Where are you going?
Little CJ: I have some crafting to do.

Carolyn: Hold on! Okay, what are the rules?

Little CJ: Are you dense? You have to award it to two people or I will make a voodoo doll of you and stick pins in it. Was that not clear? And if those two people do not award it to two other people, I will make voodoo dolls of them, and stick pins in them.

Carolyn: Okay, I award it to Lisabea of Nose In a Book and Ana at Book Smugglers.

Little CJ: Now, was that so hard? Lisabea of Nose in a Book and Ana at Book Smugglers. They sound like a nice people. I will have to visit their blogs soon.

Carolyn: *silently contemplates redecorating her office*


JenB said...

Should we be worried that you're still having conversations with Little CJ?

Just sayin'. O.o

Yay, congrats to Lisabea and Ana! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Carolyn, you crack me up. Congrats to Lisabea and Ana!!

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, fun post, and congrats to Lisabea and Ana

Renee said...

OK, so once again I read one of your posts with a giant grin on my face. Priceless!

And scary. That closeup image of Little CJ is going to be the last thing I think of before I fall asleep tonight.

Big congrats to LB and Ana!

Ana said...

oh shoot.

I mean, thank you , thank you! *g*

Little CJ and CJ: You rock!

and I love the logo.

Now let's see if we can spread this like the Dardos Award shall we? *ninja*

orannia said...

CJ & Little CJ - you crack me up! Brilliant!

Congrats Lisabea and Ana!

Mandi said...

LOL..Carolyn you make me laugh! (you too little CJ)

Congrats Ana and Lisabea!

Lea said...

LOL - The Trillionth Page again starts my day with a laugh...

Congrats Lisabea and Ana!

I think I'm going to send Little CJ a blog award... ;)

Warm Regards

KT Grant said...

Missed the snarky Little CJ!

Carolyn Crane said...

JenB: yes, you should worry.

Barbara and BLDD: Thanks!

Renee: She's a little scary when enlarged

Ana: You were so helpful on Dardos, I thought it was only right. Of course, you can pass it to Thea!

Orrania & Mandi: Thanks guys! In a silly mood.

Lea: LOL

KB: LIttle CJ is mean.

KT Grant said...

Little CJ is mean because she didn't give me any blog love. *Sniff* Goes to jump off cliff now...

lisabea said...

Should we call her Crazy Little Cee Cee now? I like that!

ZOMG did you make a doll of me yet? OUCH that effing HURT CJ! I've been out and about--I guess I'm blogligated to post. =) WHOM SHALL I CHOOSE????

K. Am working on it NOW.

lisabea said...


Thanks for the nice nice, CJ. Aw.

Anonymous said...

KB: Well, if you wish really hard, I'm sure your dreams will come true soon and you'll get this award.

LB: I'm working on your doll right now, so you better hurry up.

~Little CJ

Kati said...

Wow. I can honestly say, I can't imagine two better recipients of the Inaugural Lil' CJ Awards. Such deserving candidates!

I *heart* you, as always, CJ!

lisabea said...

Why do I yearn for a voodoo doll?

K--I'm ALL over this!


Jill Sorenson said...

Fugue state! LOL. Little CJ scares me.

Tracy said...

You're both nuts. And I love it. :)

Kati said...

I've chosen my victims...errr...awardees. I know they'll think of this tremendous honor very fondly. And probably list it on their resumes.


Little CJ said...

Thanks, Kati! You're nice. I'm going to stop making my voodoo doll of you now.

raych said...

Little CJ continues to freak my shit out.

Joanna Chambers said...

I can honestly say this is the first blogger award I've ever really yearned for. What does that say about me? But I tick every box: I can work blog software. And that's it.

Holly said...

Aww, I missed the Creepy Little CJ! Good to see she's back. er..kind of.

LOL @ this award. You're warped CJ, completely and totally. But I love it.

The Bookworm said...

oh Little CJ, you are too much!

Unknown said...

I was wondering when Lil' CJ was getting sprung from her timeout! This award is hilarious!

Stacy~ said...

No one is safe, er, excluded from the LCJ award....

Congrats to all the "winners".