Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some reading/writing things I thought I'd never do that I now do all the time!

Use ‘LOL’ or ‘ROFL’

I used to be soooooo down on LOL. An LOL hater! I felt it was dishonest, because, who among the people writing LOL truly were laughing out loud? Maybe 1%! And I felt sure none were ROFLing! So this made me not like LOL, or ROFL.

But now I’m a user—and some might say abuser—of LOL. Seriously! ROFL!! Especially on twitter. No, I haven’t begun to laugh out loud or roll on the floor, but my understanding of LOL has changed. It just means I think this is funny, or I mean this to be funny, in a medium that has no expression. I used to not see it that way, but I do now. These days, I love using LOL.

Aren’t you so glad you are reading this riveting post? Let us now move to the next exciting item...

Ever write 'tho' or  'thru'

I used to not ever use these sorts of abbreviations of though and through, even if it was on something for my eyes only, like I would lose my self respect as a lover of words and an English Literature person. It just seemed tawdry, lazy, and WRONG! But, now with twitter—argh!! Twitter, you have been making me use tho and thru! You have cheapened me in my own eyes! And now, today, while making notes on a paper manuscript, I used tho. Nooooo!

Actually, I’m not that upset about it. Language is always evolving, so, this is fine. I think some shortcuts truly ARE tawdry, lazy and wrong, but informal uses of tho and thru, I’ve let you into my life! Make yourselves at home. Go ahead! Heat up the leftover pizza. Put your feet up on the coffee table.

Use the thesaurus on Microsoft Word

I used to have eyes ONLY for the Rogets thesaurus. I have an awesome hardcover one here, a massive, classic, complete thesaurus. It really is wonderful. And I would use it when I needed the perfect word. Even when editing on the computer I’d have it nearby. And how I disdained the MS word thesaurus. Has there ever been a more pathetic thesaurus? Please! You can never find just the right word there. Or, I can't. MS Word thesaurus: when just any old synonym will do. 

I felt was okay, but definitely not anywhere near the fabulousness of the hardcover Rogets. Then, I sort of started using it. Not a lot, and still I would go to Rogets when I felt serious about a word. And THEN, every once in a while, I would use the hated MS word thesaurus!! I suppose at first it was just laziness, or if I was in a rush. But, my use of it crept up more and more.

I suppose now my thesaurus use is 3-tiered, with MS word for the low-hanging fruit, for the middle of the tree fruit and glorious Rogets when I must have it right. Or, like, if I’m thinking of a title.

Aren't you totally fascinated? LOL also, OMG, how priggish do I sound? No, don't answer that, because there’s more!

Read multiple books at one time

As an author, I plant all sorts of little details and seriously, every sentence is there for a reason, and I think most authors are like that. So to stop reading a book to pick up another? Then another? Heresy! How does a reader remember all the careful little details the author wove in? For years I felt that each book must be my one and only, and a continuous read, unbroken by other characters and narratives.

You probably know where this is going. Right now I am reading three books. But, I like it, because I read according to mood. Oh, what will become of me? LOL


Confession time!
Are there any word or bookish things you thought you’d never do that you do now? Do tell!

Images: public domain images from wiki commons


Sandy Williams said...

Microsoft Word has a thesaurus? How did I not know this?

I'm a HUGE user of LOL and ROFL and smiley faces. Sometimes, my tweets or sentences in emails just seem so stiff. I guess it's kind of a way of putting body language signals into writing.

Carolyn Crane said...

Sandy - the thesaurus is located under the tools. Stay away! LOL. JK. And, I like how you put that--the lol adds body language signals.

Amber said...

Ahh, me too! I totally used to hate on LOL and its users, but then suddenly, I started doing it. My husband was like, "I don't even know you anymore."

Sometimes I actually laugh-out-loud, but usually if I say so, I at least smiled. Of course, SOL was already taken ;-)

sara said...

Oh my gosh, I do all these things when I swear I wouldn't. To be fair, Roget's (that was my actual requested X-mas present one year) is big, so carrying him around with me everyone I go isn't as convenient as just using a laptop (not an author, but I do write for a living).

I started reading multiple books at a time when I started my dreaded 4 hour commute. Mostly because I really don't want to read anything along the lines of erotica on the bus. Even with my e-reader, there are some reading experiences that should stay private. So I tend to read tamer stuff on the bus, and always have a wide selection so that I stay awake. I save the good stuff for when I'm home :)

Anonymous said...

I lol, LOL, ROFL, and if I'm dying of laughter, I ROFLOFLOFLOFL. Each one is pretty-much a representation of how I'm responding. If I lol, then I likely chuckled. At the very least, I smiled. It could also mean, "this is AWK.waaarrrd, and I don't know how to respond to your creepy message, so I'll just politely back out with a creeped-out little lol".

If I LOL, then I definitely laughed out loud.

ROFL... I laughed out loud a lot. ROFLOFLOFLOFL... I'm in pain and my cheeks hurt... stop, you're killing me!

The ones I will never use: LMAO, LMFAO, or PMLOL. Those are just over the top and don't represent who I am. I kind-of like my ass and I don't wanna lose it, and I will never pee myself laughing. How icky and unattractive.

Oddly, Hahahaha really irritates me. I'm definitely a Hahahahaha hater. I've lost interest in suitors because of Hahahahaha, or even Haha. Am I really that shallow? I guess I am.

Sullivan McPig said...

I have an ereader!
I never thought I'd get one as I love real books. But with all those authors publishing ebook only stories *gives Carolyn the evil eye* ;-) I finally caved and I must confess I like my ereader.

Carolyn Crane said...

Amber: I like that you have kept the integrity factor by having to at least have smiled! SOL - LOL

Sara: I am heartened that you got a Roget's for Christmas. Enjoy!! And oh, yes, it would be weird to read erotica on the bus.

Barbra: Funny! I use LOL like that too! For when I just don't know how to respond, or it's a little off-color...that is great. I love that you feel so strongly about hahaha. Hilarious. I have always looked at it as a more modern form of LOL.

Sullivan! That is so funny! Yes, evil authors!! The erreader is a great addition, and one I think others have, too. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Vinity said...

Just found your books. I don't know how I missed them? How wonderful they were all out in audio with a good reader as that is my preferred form of reading most of the time. Anyway, you rock lady! Can't wait for the next book.

PS, I just found out tonight I already have the short story/novella (?) on my Kindle. I just haven't gotten around to reading that anthology.

Now, onto your rant. ITA, twitter is corrupting so many of us. I have even, on longer, important post used the dreaded 4/for 2/to/too and maybe even U once or twice. It hurts my soul to do it. :(

Vinity said...

Oh, and I forgot. Love the horse prints on the blog. I'm a dressage person and I love that style.

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, thanks Vinity! Fot the kind words, and for stopping by. I'm so happy you enjoyed the books, and that they were out on audio - a recent development. Also, yes, the soul-killing 2 & 4! LOL.