Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top 8 AAD stress dreams

I realized I must be really stressed out about being ready for the Authors After Dark conference in New Orleans! I just tossed and turned all night. Here, some brief scenes from my stress dreams:

1. Distracted by a surprise meeting with Nicole Peeler at the New Orleans airport, I forget to meet my galpal Julie at our arranged rendezvous time for our ride together from the airport to the hotel.

Gah! This type of hotel layout
makes it REALLY hard to get to your panels!
2. Julie does not make it to the conference for two whole days, something I only realize when I notice mobs of people are mysteriously angry at me. Noooo! Must head back to the airport to find Julie!

3. I have four back-to-back panels starting in five minutes that I haven't prepared for.

4. I can't find the schedule of panels anyway.

5. When I find the schedule, the hotel layout makes no sense. Thanks a lot, Stella, for booking a hotel designed by M.C. Escher!

6. I only brought this one black dress to wear, and it is full of cat hair.

7. All the panels are in one large room, with lots of people sitting at tables, and I don't know anybody there.

8. I go through the whole conference not seeing any of my League of Reluctant Adults buddies, except, of course, evilly distracting Nicole, who started all the trouble in the first place.

Needless to say, I am not ready, and I have a million things to complete before I can even start to get ready! I shouldn't even be blogging right now. Even typing this right now, my chest tightens up and I forget to breath. Nevertheless, I am really excited. Don't worry, Julie, I won't leave you at the airport!!

image: Isometric Flaw by Icey, from Wikipedia Commons


pj schnyder said...

LOL. I included a map of the hotel on Guidebook. At least one stress dream resolved. xoxo

BookaholicCat said...

Poor my roomy! I hope you won't forget her at the airport. LOL
See you soon ;)

Julie said...

LMAO! Carolyn, you are too funny! I never worried about you leaving me...but I do worry about not recognizing you. Like you suddenly decide you want your hair black and color it the day before AAD which makes me walk past you over and over until I finally have to go to the kind lady at the counter and have them page you. What? I know how impulsive you can be with your hair so that could totally happen. ;)

Carolyn Crane said...

PJ: You rock! Excellent! lol

Marcella: I will try not to leave her! lol

Julie: I will be sure to wear a full disguise!

KT Grant said...

I have no idea what I'm packing or what I'm doing. I'll be in some corner shaking (near the bar)

Anonymous said...

This is unsurprisingly wayyyy more imaginative than my list. :P My biggest anxiety is that the airline will lose my luggage!!

Can't wait to see you again, Carolyn!!!!

CdnMrs said...

So glad to know it's not just me. I'm totally freaked out I'm going to be "randomly selected" for a search at the airport and I'll have a rogue pair of tweezers in my carry on.

So looking forward to meeting you and everybody else. :)

Unknown said...

Carolyn you crack me up! I too have been having stresses..then to add to it both of our vehicles almost broke down this week and my sewing machine broke.....*sigh*

Chris said...

May it all go smoothly and in a non-Escherian fashion! :)