Monday, October 5, 2009

Miss Doreen detects workplace Hijinks in Cover Me by LB Gregg

Miss Doreen: Dear readers, I have something very disturbing to report about Cover Me, the latest installment in LB Gregg's notorious Men of Smithfield series.

Carolyn Crane: Wait a sec, hold on here. Miss Doreen, there aren't any cowboy menages in Cover Me! What's the problem?

Miss Doreen: Apparently you think I have a one-track mind. The fact is, young lady, there is a recession going on, and the American economy is at an all time low. What's the problem you ask? It's workplace hijinks, killing American productivity. I was shocked at the workplace hijinks in this book. If this is what the men and women of the workforce are doing, why, it's no wonder everybody is running out of money.

These men are at a place of business for heaven's sake! I was aghast when Finn is called into Max, his boss's, office. Because what does Finn do? He begins to remove his clothes. He doesn't even hear what Max wants to say. Here, the offending passage:
I smiled deviously at Max and he froze, his brow lifting slightly. I was just going to do it. What the hell? Decision made, I nudged the door with my heel until it latched.
His voice rumbled through me. “You don’t need to close it, this won’t take long.”
Probably not, the way I was feeling. “I think it’s a good idea.”
“And why’s that?”
“Because I don’t want anyone walking in on us when we fuck.” I yanked my polo over my head as his eyes widened, his brows arching in surprise. I knew I was impressively cut. “C’mon Max.” I kicked my shoes off.
“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“What’s it look like I’m doing? I’m coming on to you.” I didn’t glance at my polo where it lay crumpled on the floor. Had I gambled and lost? “You game, Max?”
“I don’t think this is wise, Michael. I think—”
“Of course it’s not wise. That’s part of what makes it exciting.” Max’s gaze wandered far below my chin. His curiosity finally got the better of him because he cast away from the desk’s edge, sailing toward me fast and focused. I’d chosen appropriately, thank God. For a second there, I thought he was going to toss my ass out.
Miss Doreen: And later in this scene, we have this morsel:
My socks flew in two directions. At last, here was a guy who promised to fulfill a very specific, very dirty fantasy. I wanted that shirt of his to stay on, please, so that the lines of his body would be tantalizingly hidden by his clothing. I stroked the planes of his abdomen. Christ, he was fit. “How do you want me, Max?”
Say on the desk. Oh, God, say it. Say it.
My cock reached to kiss his, but he ignored my erection and efficiently rolled the condom down his own. “Put your hands against the desk.”
Fuck yeah.
Miss Doreen: Are these men developing software? Are they making widgets to send to China? Are they conducting stem cell research? No.

Carolyn Crane: But the inappropriateness makes it a fun and hot scene! And funny. I love how Finn really wants Max to say The desk, and he did. In fact, when I first read that scene, I was like, Wow! They are actually going to have sex! The author isn't just teasing me! I love when books do that.

Miss Doreen: Yes, it's been clear for some time that you are every bit as depraved as the author in question. But this sort of activity is not how America is going to get back on the top of the food chain, is it? No. Alas, dear readers, the story then continues on to a new round of inappropriate workplace behavior.

Carolyn: OMG, I totally loved how mortified Finn was when Max turns out to be the security consultant hired to protect a celebrity's child at the boarding school where Finn works! And these two guys really don't get along. Like, with a lot of books, the H/H don't get along, but it's just a lot of sparky pre-love. Here, they have this sort of disdain for each other. Finn says talking to Max is like talking to Robocop—he was attractive, but emotionless. And here in another scene, Max is being his jerkish self:

“I intend to lay down some very specific rules in this dormitory.”
[Finn:] “Max. We have rules. They’re clear and are in place to protect us all.”
”They’re slack. And given your history of questionable judgment—”
What do you mean questionable judgment?” It had been one time in his office!
“—and your obvious impulsiveness, I think you can understand that to ensure Hemmi’s safety, things need to change.”
I sputtered, “This isn’t the Marines: it’s a high school.
Carolyn: Finn thinks Max is too hardass, and Max thinks Finn is too soft, but the funny thing is, they are totally each other's fantasy! LB Gregg totally delivers on creating characters that are great foils for each other.

Miss Doreen: I felt that Max should've been working harder to solve the mystery. Which brings me to another round of workplace hijinks--in Finn's kitchen in his dorm apartment!

Carolyn: That was one of my favorite parts. And Max tosses the book Finn was reading across the floor, and Finn goes, Hey! And Max is like, Is there a problem? And Finn's like, Uh, no. And the mystery is beautifully woven into the plot. Maybe you just wanted Max to solve the mystery because you didn't guess who the culprit was.

Miss Doreen: Did YOU guess who the culprit was? No.

Carolyn: Okay, let's not talk about the culprit anymore, we don't want to give it away!

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KT Grant said...

HMMM sex on the desk. *hawt*

Mandi said...

Max said it! Hooray ;)

Great book!

Chris said...

LMAO! And feeling glad that I just picked up Gobsmacked.

wren boudreau said...

I've been holding off on buying this, cause I know I'll bag everything else I have to do in order to read it. And must have it. Now.

Jill Sorenson said...

Miss Doreen has a good point. There weren't developing software, haha.

I liked Happy Ending better but enjoyed this one. Will have to try Gobsmacked to make my Smithfield experience complete.

Anonymous said...

YOW! That was some scene!!

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

I must check this out and decide for myself...purely for research purposes, of course! ;)

Renee said...

Love that first scene! I totally dig Finn's "go for it" attitude.

BTW, I haven't reviewed Cover Me yet--mostly did some series info/release day stuff, but will do so later this week (in audio, of course!)

Thanks for the pointer! :-)

lbgregg said...

Dear Miss Doreen,

Cowboys. Menage. Sex in the workplace. M/M.

You and I have similar reading habits! We should start our own book group.


LB Gregg

PS I loved those RC posts, no matter how roundy he was--or how many phones he threw.

Kwana said...

You and Miss Doreen just crack me up. But she has a point how will be ever get out of this recession with all this sex going on?

Tracy said...

Ah Miss Doreen strikes again. Great discussion Carolyn. I love the scene in Max's office, that was great - but of course I liked the whole darned thing!

orannia said...

Miss Doreen - you have a point. We need to work more and play less...that doesn't sound like much fun though :(

CJ - you crack me up! And this books sounds.... *fans self* like I should read it ASAP :)