Monday, October 12, 2009

One fun news item, and one creepy one

The fun item: Our own damn blogger outing - with a picture!
As some of you may know, Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos lives on my same street, just SEVEN blocks away.
Well, we got together on Saturday for an outing, and it was super fun. She picked me up in her car and we had a brief discussion about how some people think it's creepy to meet people online and do stuff with them. Not us!

First stop: Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction bookstore. I will admit, being the online whore I am, I never go to Uncle Hugo's, but that is totally going to change. Chris, you have opened my eyes to my evil ways!

Chris was also a very sinister influence on my TBR pile. Books bought:
  • Unshapely Things by Mark del Franco (Chris' recommendation!)
  • On the Edge by Ilona Andrews (I went in wanting that one.)
  • Tanya Huff, Blood Price (Chris: It's really good!!)
  • Nightlife by Rob Thurman (Chris: You haven't read this series yet?)
  • Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair (I totally wanted to read this one)
  • Sins & Shadow by Lyn Benedict (Carolyn: Why haven't I heard of this series? Chris: something something something implying everybody who's cool knows about it.)
  • Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire (on my TBB)
Then we went out for soup after and talked and laughed and suddenly it was like two hours later. Chris is super funny and clever, and she reads faster than the dickens and carries more electronic equipment around with her than any girl I have ever met.

The creepy news item:
In honor of Halloween: a creepy writerly observation posted HERE!


Chris said...

Hmm. You make me sound like a book pusher or something. ;)

Love the graphic! That was so us.

Joanna Chambers said...

I love the little stumpy legs!

To me, you have now become like this giant curly Roger-Taylor-from-Duran-Duran head on a tiny dwarflike body scooting around a second hand sci fi bookshop slurping soup. (Obviously the Roger Taylor head was in my brain already. For the rest, I thank you).

*wheezing with laughter*

Nicola O. said...

talked and laughed and suddenly it was like two hours later

I have notice this phenomenon when online buddies get together IRL.

Wendy said...

It only gets worse. The So. Cal. Bloggers have been known to lose half a day when we end up getting together.

Christine said...

Adorable graphic and great list of Uncle Hugo loot!

How cool is it that you and Chris live so close to each other! Katiebabs and Mariana live about 20 minutes from me (each in opposite directions) and I thought that was cool. You two are way cooler. ;)

Oh yeah, and Hilcia is about 20-30 min in a third direction from me. LOL

Chris said...

Christine - You are obviously a blogger epicenter!

Christine said...

LOL well maybe in my tiny little corner of the world that might be true-- and of course, we're strictly talking in a geographical sense. ;)

Mardel said...

Wow. I have Unshapely Things in my TBR pile (started it); Just finished On the Edge (GREAT BOOK!); read Blood Price a long time ago (it's okay); haven't read Finders Keepers; I read Sins and Shadows (Loved it, loved the angry, pissed off main character); I've read Nightlife a long time ago and keep meaning to buy the others (just bought Trick of the Light though); and finally have just started Rosemary and Rue.

You're going to have fun reading those books. Great choices.

orannia said...

I really enjoyed Unshapely Things. I liked where the protagonist is to speak (am trying not to give away spoilers :) I have the third book near the top of my TBR list!

Sounds like you & Chris had a fun day!

Tracy said...

How fun! It's so cool getting together with other bloggers and talking books. And yes, it's amazing how fast the time goes once you start talking! lol

Carolyn Crane said...

Chris: Beware the pusher!

T: LOL. Nooooo!

Nicola: yes, it's a blogger thing, I guess!

Wendy - You SoCal bloggers were quite inspiring on this.

Chirstine and Chris: LOL. Jersey totally is an epicenter.

Mardel: Excellent! Thanks for stopping by, too.

Orannia: ooh, maybe I put taht on the top.

Tracy: I loved the pics from your last!