Monday, November 30, 2009

The Kitty Softness Smackdown RUMBLE!

It started innocently enough: Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos and I were out for dinner and drinks at a local Thai restaurant and the talk turned to our cats (a shocker, I know). One of us--we can't quite decide who--boasted that her cat was the softest cat EVER. The other insisted that HERS was the softest cat ever. The argument turned heated. (Okay, not exactly heated). But we did know one thing: The kitties needed to settle this thing once and for all!

TIME: Sunday December 6th, in the afternoon
PLACE: Our neighborhood in Minneapolis
MAIN EVENT: Chris and I will walk the six blocks back and forth between our homes petting the cats to decide which is softest.

After that, we will go shopping at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction bookstore, as that is a thing we like to do.

Place your bets - you could win a book!
Who is the softest kitty? May or Oblio? Or will it be a draw? We will take the winning bets and draw one name, and buy that person a book of their choice from Uncle Hugo's during our outing.

How to play:
1. Leave a comment here or at Stumbling Over Chaos by 10 am CST, December 6 and choose May, Oblio, or Draw.
2. Give the name of a mass market paperback you want us to lovingly buy for you (mystery, scifi, fantasy, urban fantasy, or paranormal romance) that's available at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore or Uncle Edgar's Mystery Bookstore. (They have pretty much everything current, and a huge used section, so odds are good they'll have what you want. You can poke around their site to check. If there's a title you've been desperately seeking but don't see on their site, list it first and then list a second title, just in case.)
3. Leave your email address if it's not gettable from your profile.


Mayhem said...

You are going DOWN, Oblio! I am softer!

JenB said...

I can't pet kittehs 'cause I'm allergic. Boo-hooooo. :(

May does look pretty soft though...*sneeze*

Don't tell Oblio I said that. He looks kinda skeery.

Tia Nevitt said...

I strongly object to the terms of this contest. You need an impartial judge. A nine year old girl would be perfect. And she needs to cuddle them to judge cuddle-softness along with petting-softness. Both are equally important.

And I so want to go to Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore too! No fair! My town doesn't have a science fiction bookstore!

Blodeuedd said...

Oh no, I already gave my love to Mayhem, but just look at Oblio, awww, can I change my vote to a draw?

JenB said...

Wait. WAIT! I've mixed up my kittehs!

Oblio looks softest. May is the black kitteh with the creepy eyes, right? Yeah, Oblio looks smoother and friendlier.

Ugh...hello, Monday. *headdesk*

Carolyn Crane said...

Mayhem: Dream on!

JenB: Is this a vote for Mayhem???

Tia: Yeah, we will prolly wish we had a 9-year-old to help.

BLDD: Well, if you want to win, you will vote Oblio! Whatever you do, We'll take your most recent choice when the time comes!

Carolyn Crane said...

JenB: Oh, okay! You're going with Oblio! Smrt. And if you want to win a book, you have to choose a title!!

Kati said...

I hate to break up the really fun contest, but Stella is in fact, the softest kitty in the world. Plus, she has all those pretty tortie markings!

Buuut, in the interest of humoring you, CJ, I pick Oblio.

Title I want, should I win after insulting the kitties in question: Out of the Deep I Cry by Julia Spencer-Fleming.

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

I should vote for Mayhen because my cats are black/white and I should be true to my kittehs, but Oblio looks soooo soft!

*whispers* I'm going with Oblio!

Christine said...

I think you guys have finally lost your marbles. Would you just look at this post? It's just so wrong. ANYONE can tell you that my cat Gigi is the softest kitty ever. I have daughters, too. Older than nine now, but only by a smidgen. Girls who in their toddler years said petting Gigi "feels like powder." I kid you not. However, it would clearly take walking more than six blocks to enter my kitty in the contest, so I'm gonna have to go with Oblio. He looks fluffy and soft like powder. ^_^

Nicola O. said...

This might be the silliest post ever, CJ. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha *gasping for breath* just the image of this, "walk the six blocks back and forth between our homes petting the cats to decide which is softest" has me crying with laughter!

especially since it has GOT to be so friggin cold up there!

im going to say draw after inspecting both posts.

KT Grant said...

My kitteh Kiko puts all your cats to shame!! Why? because my kitteh loves to sleep with my books and eat them.

Jill Sorenson said...

You crazy cat people! I'm in. I want a Larissa Ione book. Snow, demons, whatever.

Leslie said...

Cats? Nah, red pandas are softer than any cat. :)

Bet that David *shiny pants wearing* Cassidy owes a cat. LOL

Leslie said...

Geez, that should be owns, owns a cat.

BTW CJ - Oblio is cute!

orannia said...

Hmmm. Tricky. I say a draw, because neither you nor Chris will not vote for your own cat! I say you need a third judge!

After that, we will go shopping at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction...

Because judging the softness of cats and then going to a science fiction store makes perfect sense to me :)

Kati - Julia Spencer-Fleming is great!

KB - your cat eats your books? I adore my cat, but that would be cause for an international incident!

Unknown said...

Given the unscientific manner in which this is being judged, I say it'll be a draw. If the both of you are THAT adamant that your cat is the softest, they are probably two insanely soft kittehs.

I would like Christine Feehan's The Scarletti Curse or Happy Hour at Casa Dracula

what_ever_for @

Unknown said...

*** I meant to say
Marta Acosta's Happy Hour at Casa Dracula. Woops. :)

The Scarf Princess said...

I have to go with May. That shiny, black coat looks super soft. Of course, I'll gladly show off my Miranda anyday since she truly has the softest coat.

And if I'm lucky enough to win I'd like Adrian Phoenix/In the Blood.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

sula said...

bwahahahaha! oh this is awesome! fight of teh kittehs! i love it.

i'm gonna have to go with a draw because I don't see how either of you can be impartial. And I want...ermm...a book. Anything by Loretta Chase.

JenB said...

Oh! Hmm...well, I'm trying cozy mysteries now. How about Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett?

Janicu said...

ROFL. Um.. I'm going to go with May. And man, Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction bookstore looks awesome!! *sniff*.

Put me down for Ethan of Athos by Lois McMaster Bujold if I win. My email is janicu[at]gmail[dot]com

RfP said...

Surely I'm not the only filthy-minded one here....

Tez Miller said...

You can count on me to be objective, since there's pretty much no chance of both Oblio AND May coming to Australia to present their softness in the flesh ;-)

May is prettier, but Oblio has the dopey look in his eyes that signals he may be happy to sleep in my lap, and thus will be more likely to allow me to pet him ;-) Pretty May will probably consider herself above me ;-)

So I'm declaring a Draw.

P.S. Mind Games isn't yet listed on Uncle Hugo's, but would they pre-order it for me if I won? ;-)

Carolyn Crane said...

Thanks for all the votes everyone! This is going to be a totally exciting contest! Especially for people who voted OBLIO.

All you people who voted for your own cats: LOL! Oblio sez: dream on

Rfp: LOL. It seems you are the dirty minded one here!

Tez: What a sweet gesture on MG! But, it has to be a physical book out now.

Christine said...

I apologize for not following instructions properly with my first comment. I am voting for Oblio and if I were to win, I would love a copy of Queen of Song and Soul by C.L. Wilson... new or used. Thanks! :)

Lea said...

Sorry Carolyn..... I must go with dear Mayhem as the winner of the softness....

Yikes, I don't know which book to choose. How about the latest by Jeaniene Frost's paranormal series... :)

Fun contest!
You guys rock. BTW...

Wendy said...

I can't choose! They both look so soft! I must pet the kitteh..

Oh, god, that sounds dirty! LOL

*closes eyes* I pick... MAYHEM!

buddyt said...

AAWW ! Come on ladies.

Don't argue this time of the year.

Lets call it a draw and see what happens in the New Year.

Come on, get with the season vibe.


Book: Jordan, Robert / Sanderson, Brandon
Wheel of Time #12: The Gathering Storm

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

MaggieMay (verah sexy kittah) said...

Meow! Can I change my mind? Oblio is a cutie.

I know, I know, I always flirt with Mayhem... but we don't have to say anything. Do we?