Thursday, July 1, 2010

The good news and the bad news

The good news, something I'm really excited about, is that Mind Games was chosen as the book club read for the Book Bloggers Anonymous Book Club this month! This is a group that's open to anybody on Goodreads, and it looks like a fun bunch.

I'm not going to be involved in the discussions, of course, but there will be a few related activities I'll be doing: a couple interviews and a post, plus there are giveaways of Mind Games, and a future Double Cross ARC, too, when available. I'm very excited!

The bad news
I took a look at my calendar just now to see if there's anything due that I haven't yet handled, and lookie here. TOT. Of course. TOT.

What could this possibly mean? What does TOT stand for?? Did I not learn my lesson the last time this happened???? Nooooooooo!

My strategy: A good book, some sleep, and hopefully TOT will mean something in the morning. (Or, if TOT means something to you, do tell!) I am so done with these cryptic calendar entries.

PS: Just a few more hours to win Tracking the Tempest (see below or here)

EXCITING Friday Morning Update to this post:
WINNER! First off, I called across the apartment for my sleepy husband to pick a number between 1 and 31 and he chose 31. So! Lisa R. of the blog Lisa's Loves (Books of Course) is the winner of the other copy of TRACKING I will be purchasing tomorrow! I'm going to email you, Lisa. Congrats!

Speaking of TRACKING THE TEMPEST, crazy Nicole is running a couple contests where you can win a whole goody bag of Tempest-related stuff and a $25 gift certificate. There are a number of ways to enter - see the League of Reluctant Adults blog, and her personal blog here for all the info.

TOT mystery solved! Thanks for all your helpful and amusing ideas. You guys are great. I'm happy to report that figured it out just minutes ago: TOT is To T - means 'To Tumperkin,' who is my critique partner, and I'd hoped to send her something. I am so relieved.


Jace said...

That calendar thingy. :) Looks like "RT" to me. Romantic Times, perhaps?

I've got your book. Plan to read it soon. ;)

Tez Miller said...

Are you sure it's TOT? It kind of looks like RT...

Renee said...

I'm with Jace and Tez. I see RT, too.

Hope you're doing well, CJ! It's been ages since we talked. We have to catch up soon! :-)

Mardel said...

It DOES look like an R T. so what does RT stand for?

And congratulations - I loved Mind Games.

Blodeuedd said...

It does look like TOT, but like everyone is sayin it could be RT too...remember twitter..nah.

Think of Tasha, toothpaste

orannia said...

YAH for Mind Games being the book club pick!

Hmmm. Maybe TOT is meant to remind you about the Tracking the Tempest competition? Good luck!

Chris said...

I think it looks like RIT. Just to confuse the issue and all. ;)

Shiloh Walker said...

Um, I tke it you dunno what TOT means?

AnimeJune said...

Mmmm, when I first saw it, I thought it said "POT." Planning to relax today? ;)

Carolyn Crane said...

First off, I figured it out this morning. It means To: T, or give something to my CP.

Jace: Hey! I hope you like it!

Tez: I had to stare at it a while, and it does look like a fancy RT. Romantic Times? I would definitely be a day late and a dollar short.

Renee: For sure. I hope your summer's going well.

Mardel: Another RT!! Hey, so glad you liked MG!!

Bloduedd: I love your out-of-the-box thinking!

Orannia: That is an excellent guess.

Chris: Rabblerouser!

Shiloh: I know YOU know what Tot means.

AJ: LOL. Very funny!

KT Grant said...

First it looks like Rot then Pot. But now RT. Perhaps you have to write and article for RT?

Danielle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danielle said...

Carolyn, didn't see your comment before...glad you figured it out.

BTW, I love your blog!

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Anonymous said...

I am really into paranormal romance right now, so these reviews are so exciting. I'm headed to my local used bookstore and I will definitely look for Magic Blood and The Missing.