Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun links, killer gift idea, upcoming items, one last taunt

Adopt your own demon sheep: the contest!

Win internetz fame, your own demon sheep, and fabulous mystery books at Babbling About Books! All you have to do:

In 100 words, tell us what you would do if you had your own demon sheep. What type of demon sheep would you have and most importantly, what would his or her name be?

And guess who is one of the judges? Little CJ!!! The contest ends Sunday the 13th.

A fun Xmas gift for your snarky pals that will make you seem super wonderful and clever:
I just stumbled across this deal from Mark Henry, one of the funniest UF writers working today: you can get a signed and personalized copy of one of his Amanda Feral zombie books in time for Christmas (free shipping if you order it by Friday the 11th). These entertaining and startling (in a good, OMG, WTF, sort of way way) books work for both men or women.

To snag one: you order the book from the Seattle University Bookstore, include this secret message on the payment in the comments section: "Please send me a personalized signed copy (or copies). Contact Duane Wilkins and author for arrangements" along with info on who it's for, and Mark Henry himself will write something surprisingly witty or even dirty in the book, and get it to you.

Book #1 Happy Hour of the Damned, is a good place to start, though book #2, Road Trip of the Living Dead, which I'm currently reading and will post about one of these days, also kicks ass.

Bonus: If you do this and one other of the things listed here before the 14th, you could win an ARC of the hotly anticipated Battle of the Network Zombies plus mystery surprise extras in his wacky SAVE AMANDA FERAL contest.

Smugglivus is on, dudes!
Are you catching this? This is one of my favorite, most action-packed events of the year. Smugglivus is a month-long celebration in which the Book Smugglers invite their favorite authors and bloggers to post about their favorite books of the year, what they’re looking forward to in 2010, and what projects they have on the horizon. TONS of giveaways here, great interviews, big names.

And of course, they end the celebration with the freaky "official rites" – Airing of Grievances, Feats of Strength, and their very own Best of lists for the year, all culminating in our second year blogoversary.

Kitty Softness Smackdown Rumble:
You have mere HOURS left to place your bets and win a book.

More here. Or here. Or here. Or here. Or just scroll down.

Chocolate and a chat:
Stop by tomorrow for my interview with Penny Watson, author of Sweet Inspirations!

We'll be talking baking, writing, and she's giving away a Santa bag of white and milk-chocolate covered rice crispie treats! Yum.


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