Monday, December 28, 2009

Little CJ and I are at The Book Smugglers + a challenge

Hey everybody! I hope you had a great, 10 days. I'm back from my Christmas vacation just in time to join The Book Smugglers for Smugglivus (my post will be up later today, but there are great book recommendations, recaps and contests there right now).
*[Update: post now up!]

For my post, Little CJ* and I shall discuss:
  • Some of my fave reads of the year (or at least the ones that struck my fancy as I was writing the post).
  • The books I'm most looking forward to for 2010 (see above).
  • Predictions for the coming year about fashion, social media, author behavior, Anita Blake, Phury, and more!
The big new challenge I'm joining
I've never done a challenge before - I always think, why would I want a voluntary, deadline-oriented obligation to take over my free time? This blog already fulfills that role. But this challenge is so free and easy I couldn't pass it up!

It's Orannia's Big Book Challenge, where you read a doorstopper of a book you've been meaning to read, but haven't, at some point in the new year. Here are the rules, as set forth by Orannia (of Walkabout):
1) Read a big book, and by a big book I mean a book with more than 500 pages, before the end of 2010.

2) A review is not required (although I'm going to attempt a post detailing my thoughts on the book, or the reasons why I didn't finish it *grin*).

3) The big book can be from
any fiction genre (e.g. fantasy, romance, science fiction). It can even be non-fiction.4) No penalties if the book isn't read by the end of 2010 (because this is meant to be fun).

5) The book can be changed at any time! (Flexibility is important IMO :)
I'm going to read Dune finally, a book I've always wanted to read. I may go for the whole 5 or 6 that Frank Herbert wrote. Orannia will be reading one of my old faves, Kushiel's Dart! I also see other Kushiel books, as well as In the Name of the Wind by Rothfuss, Hobb's Ship of Destiny, and Harry Potter. Go see what the others are reading and sign up.

*Little CJ is my childhood portrait painted by an elderly aunt. She hangs on my office wall instead of in her rightful place--centered over the fireplace mantel in the living room--because Mr. Crane thinks she's creepy and that her eyes follow him around.


Kati said...

What?!?! You don't want to read the rest of the Black Jewels omnibus??

I can't believe it. ;oP

This sounds like a fun challenge.

Carolyn Crane said...

LOL. Very funny!!!

Brenda said...

I have Dune on my list of books to read for next year as well. I've never read it, and it seems like, as a science fiction lover, it's one that I should have already read.

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey Brenda! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, that's exactly how I feel about Dune. Maybe this challenge is up your alley, too.

Unknown said...

Hi :)
I love the portrait of Little CJ.
Thank you for sharing here today.
May I suggest the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan for your challenge?
(evil laugh)
Happy Holidays!

Carolyn Crane said...

RK: Hmm: Wheel of Time series! I haven't read that either. Thanks for the rec, RK (I think...evil laugh aside)

orannia said...

Can't wait to see you post at The Book Smugglers.

And thank you SO much for the shout-out. I didn't realise when I picked Kushiel's Dart that it was 900 pages long! *panic*

Chris said...

She is creepy. *shudders*

Heh, curious to see how far you get on Dune. I liked the first two maybe and then rapidly ran out of steam.

Also, I have the decent SciFi Channel miniseries version on VHS if you're interested, although I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Kyle McLachlan theatrical release.

Blodeuedd said...

I love Dune, one of the best books ever written :)
Seems to go for that kind of

Leslie said...

I need to check out Orannia's challenge. I've got both Gabaldon's Outlander series and Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series in the tbr pile. I think any of those books would qualify. :)

I remember trying to read Dune. dh is the scifi reader and he's read all of Herbert's books but I couldn't get into it.

Hope you had a fun vacation. And I'm with Mr. Crane - Little CJ is creepy.

Lori said...

I loved Dune (and the rest as well) when I read it in high school a gazillion years ago.

My oldest adored the Wheel of Time series, although he hasn't read the latest posthumous one.

Lori said...

Oh, and a belated Mrtty Christmas! And wishes for a happy, healthy new year :)

Hilcia said...

I'm loving the Big Book Challenge. I'm hoping to finish my pick. I must be a geek because I loved Dune, lol! It's one of my old time favorite sci-fi books. I hope you enjoy it, CJ.

Loved your post at the Book Smugglers!

Bunny Queen said...

I just finished In the Name of the Wind and *loved* it. I'm both excited and bummed that this is a new author - I have the hope of lots to come, but nothing else of his to read *right now* (she said, ever so patiently...). I'll have to check some of the books I just borrowed from the library and see if they are over 500 pages. Gotta love a challenge that lets me do what I do naturally. *grin*

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

First visit to your site and I have to comment - the book Dune shaped my entire world view. It is by far the best science fiction book ever written - IMO. Do not, however, read the sequels. Then...move on to George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones series - if you want really big, totally engrossing sci fi books. The last book kinda sucked but not because of bad writing.
Happy reading!

Michael Kelberer said...

Hey - DUNE is one of the all time greats. I blew of two final exams in my major to write a paper that featured some of the Time-related concepts in Dune - back in 1974!

It's on my re-read list for this year - I think it will be my 25th time thru.

Kindle-Sprite said...

I really enjoyed the Dune books. Though the first three are really the best. I didn't read them until after Dune and Children of Dune were redone and on Scifi 5 years ago or so. I think you will enjoy them also!

azteclady said...

Oh I love finally knowing the origin of Little CJ! (and Mr Crane is right, by the way)

Stopping by to wish you and all at chez Crane a wonderful 2010!

The Bookworm said...

Happy New Year CJ and Little CJ :)

Unknown said...

I always loved Stephen King's books for a long scary read, lol, The Stand, Salem's Lot, and It kept me awake for the nights that followed reading them. I loved Dune, Stranger in a Strange Land (Robert Heinlein-only around 450 pages though, so it doesn't quick fit the criteria) all excellent reads as well as all the Harry Potter books.

Happy 2010!!

Dottie :)