Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random updates & question of the day: Regarding Roarke

Writerly update
Okay thanks for all the wonderful, thoughtful feedback on my last post! I felt a lot better after writing that, and even more so getting words of wisdom and such kindness.

I was thinking today how in my day job, I'm constantly cranking out creative ideas to actual harsh feedback, and I either use it to make my stuff better, or I ignore it, but it never bothers me. Clearly I need to put my fiction writer hat on that mode. Also, today I got a wonderful blurb from a writer I greatly admire. Oh, I was so thankful. However, Oblio is still a softness loser.

Contest Reminders
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Win a Santa bag of chocolate treats!
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Question of the day:
I'm only in the early stages of my In Death addiction process - one read, one on the TBR for ages. But I was wondering if Roarke is at all inspired by Howard Roark in Fountainhead (a book I actually DNFed, but it is an important and influential book for a number of people I like and respect, including my mom.)

Anyway, Fountainhead Roark is all about individualism and forging his own code. Eve's Roarke does seem to have his own code, too, and he is indeed successful and seems full of integrity. Is this something everybody knows and has discussed extensively? Oh well, color me late to the party!
  • Is this a known thing that one Roark(e) is patterned on the other?
  • Does Nora Roberts frequently give her characters names that have meaning? Names that relate to their character? If that's a Roberts habit, I think it would be a strong indication that Roarke was inspired by Roark.
  • How about this theory: Ayn Rand time travelled forward to the 1990's, using that Stonehenge thing from Outlander, read some In Death books, then returned to her era, and based Howard Roark on Eve's Roarke.


Chris said...

Oblio should go read the comments on the softness announcement - there were lots of sweet and sympathetic comments for him.

*blink blink* Um... Damn. No clue. :) Maybe you can corner the Nora at a conference and ask her!

*drools over Roarke, wherever his name is from*

KT Grant said...

I have Fountainhead in my massive TBR pile. Hmm good question about Roarke.

I'm with Chris as in I droll whenever I hear Roarke's name.

And if Roarke had a demon sheep, what type of sheep would it be?

Deep thoughts...

Lori said...

Hmmm... have no idea where Roarke came from (aside from Dublin, LOL). I'm so glad that you're starting on this series, too! We can share thoughts :)

Kwana said...

Congrats on today's blurb. It's always good to have a new day.

Kwana said...

Oh and I gotta get on the In Death wagon. Gotta!

Carolyn Crane said...

Chris: Oblio will go read them now! He loves praise!

KB: Maybe Roarke would name it Roark!

Lori: And he has no first name!

Kwana: LOL. Not the death wagon!!

Kati said...

CJ - No, I don't believe Nora has ever mentioned that Roarke had any ties to any other literary character. In fact, I believe she stays pretty adamant that she doesn't base her characters on anyone in particular.

I've not read The Fountainhead, but in reading the Wiki (admittedly not the most reliable source), I think as you read on in the In Death series, you'll find that Roarke has little to do with Roark.

While IMO, the character of Roarke is a definite romantic ideal, he's a remarkably nuanced character with a ton of shades of gray (that's the beauty of a series of over 30 books, you get to know him really well). He is an ideal of sorts, but he's done lots of Very Bad Things in his past, and does not end up being someone to juxtapose Eve's darkness. He's just as dark -- but for the most part he handles it better than she does. Er...mostly.

I dunno. This is just my opinion, YMMV.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Looks like I will have to add to my TBR list just to keep up with you guys!

I enjoy reading your blog and have an award for you over at mine.

Happy Thursday - Miranda

Ladytink_534 said...

Hmm, never heard that theory before but then again I'm still a newcomer to the In Death books. I recently just read the second one.

orannia said...

I have no idea if Roarke is based on another literary character. That Irish accent is.... *SIGH*

(((Oblio))) I think he's very soft...just a different soft :)

Katie Reus said...

Yay for the In Death series! Love me some Roarke (wherever his name is inspired from *g*)

Lea said...

Ack, you know I left a comment on your post yesterday and it isn't here.. :( Cyberspace enigma...

Great post - Congrats to Hilcia.

I've heard so much about Roarke but not read any of that series. One of these days.

I would like to see Klingons in a Christmas Carol.. ;)


Holly said...

See, this is why I love you. I hadn't even thought there was a correlation between the two Roark(e)'s.

As Kati said, I don't believe there's a connection, but I think it's wonderful that you put that together.

Also, that picture...YUM! Even creepy Lil CJ can't take away from the lickableness.