Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Come join the dubious fun!

Come on over to Renee's Book Addiction to meet Shelby, the galpal sidekick in Mind Games, in her one and only interview. Shelby's disillusionist specialty is a grim outlook on life...
  • Will Renee be able to withstand Shelby's powerfully bleak onslaught?
  • Shelby has a lovely gift for Renee. (not these shoes, tho) Will Renee like it?
  • Will Renee wheedle any secrets out of Shelby? You know she will try!
  • What commenter will win a FREE copy of Mind Games? Maybe you!
  • Come to Renee's Book Addiction and join the dismal fun!

Bitten By Books Tomorrow
Are you reading too much Urban Fantasy and paranormal literature?

Tomorrow I'll be at Bitten by Books with an important quiz that will help you tell if you are overdoing it with the magic and monsters. We'll also be giving away prizes: TWO $25 bookstore gift certificates and ONE goody bag that includes chocolaty treats and a signed copy of Mind Games. RSVP today for extra chances to win!

Shoes:Rebecca, if you didn't like yesterday's shoes, or the day before, how about these?


Chris said...

My feet are going to have nightmares.

raych said...

re: shoes

Sullivan McPig said...

Ooh! These are the coolest shoes you posted sofar in my opinion!

Lea said...


lolol Those are indeed unique shoes.

Carolyn, you are the ultimate shoe lady!

Renee said...

Are those horseshoes on the soles?

I've survived the interview with Shelby, but IDK if my living room will ever be the same. ;-)

writtenwyrdd said...

Can I just say I LOVE those crazy shoes you have in the sidebar. I love seeing the weird side of shoe-dom. (I found one style a while back that had guns for the heels.)

And Mind Games is an excellent read.
Thanks for stopping by the blahg!

Sage Ravenwood said...

Absolutely loving the shoe torture! These are my favorite by far. Kind of like save a horse ride a cowboy, shoe a woman and leave the horse wild. (Hugs)Indigo

Kaetrin said...

I'm with Renee - are they horseshoes on the bottom?

orannia said...

My feet are going to have nightmares.

It my ankles that are all aquiver!

I've seen Shelby's gift. It's very....bright :)

A Library Girl said...

Whoa, the shoes have horse shoes on them.

I couldn't walk in those without falling flat on my face...

Janicu said...

Well now *I* don't like these shoes. Her feet are hooves? What? :P

Carolyn Crane said...

Chris: you need cat paw shoes.

Raych: OMG. Freak out!

Sully: rabblerouser!

Lea: Luckily, they're not mine.

Renee: It was so fun!

Carolyn Crane said...

WW: ooh, thanks so much! Yes, Raych above sent a link to the gun shoes. Yikes.

Indigo: I love that: save a horse. Be a horse.

Orrania: Verra bright!

A library girl: LOL. Even a horse would have trouble with those.

Janicu: Oh, come now, I think you love them!

Rebecca @ DSB said...

Who the f*ck designed these things? It's like My Little Pony took up with Marilyn Manson. You've got to stop this CJ! I'm going blind over here.

Sorry I've been missing all these freak-tastic shoe posts. I'm in Maui and the wi-fi is spotty. I know, you have oodles of sympathy for me right now. : P Apparently paradise doesn't include reliable internet access. *sigh*

Speaking of shoes, I was going through the airport yesterday, and I think Homeland Security should make some rule about people having to wear socks when they fly. I'm serious, all those hideous bare feet shuffling along through the security lines creeped me out. I think I'm going to wear TWO pairs of socks next time, to give my feet even more protection from the foul floor. There's a product idea... feet condoms, for when you fly. "Nothing's getting through that sucker!"

(You like how I stole that line from "Pretty Woman?")