Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TBR fun at All Things Urban Fantasy & Updates!

TBR pile hoedown at All Things Urban Fantasy
I'm visiting Abigail over at All Things Urban Fantasy today. She and I discuss our very different TBR piles and what some UF and PNR characters read. We also did some high level twitter research on characters who read, and our findings are there. Whew! Do you recall any UR or PNR characters reading? What were they reading? Come on over and join the fun!

Book update
Actually, now that I wrote that subhead, I realize I don't have any actual update except to say that these past couple weeks have been some of the most hectic but most fun of all my life! In an odd way, I feel like I've been very public, yet sort of AWOL, especially when it comes to visiting my pals, and actually blogging here, errr about books and stuff. I have edits due the 12th, and things will change after that.

I'm so grateful to everybody for all the goodwill toward me and the book, and for people taking the time to read it and say so many insightful, thoughtful, lovely things. A few new recent reviews:
  • Alpha Heroes - The review that made me MOST want to spill secrets of book 2, and not the secret you might suspect, but I held off!
  • Anna's Book Blog - My fellow MN homegirl! And longtime go-to-book blogger
  • Escape Between the Pages - Lori runs a fabu new-to-me blog, and is an ace twitterer.
  • Pearls Cast Before a McPig - Another delightful, new-to-me blog. I find the whole pearls and pig bit here to be endlessly humorous.
  • Isn't it Romance? - TUMPERKIN! My brilliant critique partner, so this review is biased. Oddly, she read and helped shape book 2, Double Cross, all last year, but only last week read book 1. So the whole thing was backstory to her. But her lips are zipped.
  • Smokin hot books - A gorgeous review complete with cliffhanger quiz and new fears! LOL.
Signed Copies
So, thanks to our fabulous local Sci-fi/Fantasy bookstore, Uncle Hugo's, where Chris and I so love to roam, you can get signed copies of Mind Games! And it doesn't cost extra. Order here.

I'm reading Broken by Shiloh Walker and OMG, there was just the HOTTEST restaurant scene. I'm half tempted to do a Great Moments post on it...but...but...too deliciously dirty! Ah well, perhaps another passage.

In other news, the cats are racing madly back and forth, excited by the rain, which we SO needed. The duct tape is falling off our car, and DH and I keep meaning to get more. I hope everyone is enjoying spring and/or spring break.


Sullivan McPig said...

I'm guessing that Justine is going to kick someone's ass (some way or other) and that's what you almost told after reading Alpha Heroes'review

Chris said...

Rain rain rain!!! :)

kylie said...

I just finished MG and absolutely loved it! So glad I accidentally discovered it. When will an excerpt of the second book be posted?!

Carolyn Crane said...

Sullivan: LOL. Noooo, not quite! Gah! I can't even give hints!

Chris: things will be greeeeeen.

Kylie: Thanks SO much for this message! You totally made my night. xoxo As for excerpts...a couple months?

Abigail said...

Lots of fun, Carolyn. Let's do it again soon :)

Nicola O. said...

You know, when I gave "Alpha Heroes" its name, it was a fairly off-the-cuff decision. One un-planned thing I like about it is that it tends to end up high on alphabetically-ordered lists, heh.

*I* think the spoiler temptation has to do with Justine's love life.


I never read the last page first. I am anti-spoiler and proud of it. So maybe you just need to get me an advanced copy of Double Cross, hmmm?