Friday, April 9, 2010

Krazy times at the Romcon blog!

Author Jill Sorenson and I are being very silly over at the RomCon blog! It's also a giveaway - leave a comment to win a book, and you can find out how to get little CJ and Miss Doreen stickers, too. Come say hi!!

Are people going to Romcon? It's a reader/author event full of book nerd activities like trivia contests, readers' roundtables, a weapons gallery, 'strip the heroine' all about historical garments, teas with super famous authors, a game called were squares, and another game hosted by Nicole Peeler and yours truly (if it gets approved!) called Monsters & More semi-charades that I think will be a wild time. (or a flop, you never know. But, hopefully, a dramatic flop!)

Meme and radio update
My radio interview turned out to be really fun. For me, at least. And I read some of the book, and stumbled over a few questions. Tomorrow, the winner of the Restaurant Meme Game will be announced! UPDATE: After the weekend winners will be announed. In editing hell right now! But the game is closed.


Christine said...

Romcon sounds like fun, but its not in the works for me. I am looking forward to hearing all about it via the 'net, though! :)

You did not stumble over any questions on the radio show! It was a great interview--I enjoyed listening to it. In fact, I think you could moonlight as a radio host with ease. ;)

Sullivan McPig said...

I just wish they had cool things like the Romcon here too! It sounds like so much fun.

Chris said...

You are everywhere! :)

Lea said...

You go CJ!

Glad to hear the interview went well.

Like Christine I'll be vicariously learning about Romcom through the net.

Have a great weekend!

Joanna Chambers said...

Chris stole my line. How do you do it? You must be super-organised.

BTW, my word verification is "latinest". *Deep breath*. I am currently reading a category about an uber-Italian plastic surgeon that none other than JILL SORENSON sent me (he is the Latin-est). If that isn't some kind of weird message from a higher power, I don't know what is.

Chris said...

I dub thee Carolyn the Ubiquitous! ;)

orannia said...

...and you can find out how to get little CJ and Miss Doreen stickers.

Little CJ stickers? Ohhhhhh!

And I agree with Chris - you are everywhere :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Christine: Hey! Okay, you made me feel better about that. Radio host, however...not so sure.

Sullivan: Oh, I wish so too! Why are they all in the US?

Chris: Are you sick of me yet?

Lea: We'll try to keep you updated! Thanks for dropping by!

Tumperkin: LOL. The Universe is pro-Italian hero for YOU.

Orannia: Someday, I'll actually blog and blog hop again!! Thanks for dropping by!

Rebecca @ DSB said...

CJ, when do you sleep? Seriously, I am amazed at all the stuff you're doing. Congrats on the radio interview (I'm sure you were great).

BTW, that picture of the red 'toe shoe' high heels FREAKED ME OUT. Never show that picture again please. I must have stared at it for several minutes and I kept wondering how she could even stand in those things.