Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday fun n' stuff

Good morning fellow citizens of blogland!! A few exciting events. Exciting to me, anyways.

Interview and giveaway at Smash Attack Reads. I am her first author interview! Smash (aka Ash) asked for a few photos, and yes, there are many kitty photos! And you can win one of my books. Come comment here!

Interview and giveaway at The Spinecracker. Another first: this is Spinecracker's fun new "Behind the Pen" series. Come say hi, and you have until tonight to leave a comment to win Mind Games and a chocolate treat! Check it out here. 

Amber Scott's Project Pay it Forward (PPIF)! I feel so lucky that Mind Games was chosen for Amber's inventive and incredibly cool caper! Here, her 10 reasons list!  

Double Cross stuff:

Excerpt is up 
I  put up the first chapter of Double Cross on my author site. Later today I'll put up an option for a downloadable PDF for those who prefer it that way. Find it here.

Early blog reviews
Well, these are the first reviews I know about. Thanks for taking the time to give Double Cross a go, and put up your thoughts!!

  • My fellow Dupont Avenue denizen, and taker of one of the kitty pics at Smash's, Chris from Stumbling over Chaos, has her usual amazing linkety posts up today.  
  • Rebecca over at Dirty Sexy Books has a links roundup that includes my trailer. Thanks Rebecca! Plus, a lot of other stuff including the page 99 test of a book. Most interesting! 
Image: Clock by Fastily from Wikimedia Commons


Chris said...

Aw, thanks for the mention!

And look at you, out and about everywhere today! Gogogogo!

Smash Attack Ash said...

Thanks for stopping by my page. You rock the casbah!