Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Release day to KT Grant! & Win her new book!!

Who has been such a busy girl? My pal KT Grant, aka Katiebabs from Babbling About Books, that's who!! Today's release of The Claiming of Suzy makes FIVE books out this year for our naughty-minded, red-headed blogger. I am so impressed, KT at how you set your mind to things and accomplish them. And also, make risky choices! Congratulations on TCOS!! *snoopy dance*

The KT Grant books countdown:

The Princess's Bride - This one came out this summer - a wild and crazy girl-girl pirate romance, featuring "dastardly lady pirate C.W. Dread." LOL. The story arc here is satisfying and saucy, and it totally rampages through standard conventions. OMG, KT!! 

This was her first, a naughty little short in Once Upon a Threesome. That counts as a book! 

And then there's Lovestruck, KT's May-December girl-girl romance. 
Leading up to today's release is For the Love of Mollie, about a woman struggling with weight issues. In her quest to better herself for a chance at one man, Mollie falls for another - a gym owner no less. What is so great about this one is that you don't just get one quick line or two that she's plump, or "has curves" or whatever. This character's weight issues are suffused into the story, and they make it feel so real. It makes her feel real. I love the way KT deals with the subject of food, really taking a reader through Mollie's mental contortions in making food decisions. Also, the gym scenes. LOL.
And finally, The Claiming of Suzy comes out today! I happened to have already read it. Hah! This is another book with a protagonist who feels like a real girl: a flawed, sex-crazy, exuberant girl with a big heart and weight issues of her own, though she comes at them differently than Mollie. That's another impressive thing in KT's work; women with weight issues aren't painted with the same brush, something that unfortunately happens all too often in today's media. 

The story really springs off the page when JC and Suzy are together. In one of my favorite scenes, love interest JC tries to pay Suzy a compliment:
"I love this." JC fondled her stomach. "It feels like a soft, downy pillow. So full of cushion... where I can lay my head and fall fast asleep.”
Suzy's eyes drifted open. Soft pillow—cushion—fall asleep? She scowled, not sure she liked hearing her stomach being compared to a pillow. Yes, it was a bit too round for her tastes...
She lets it go, but later JC pays her another ill-fated compliment:
"You're cold. I don't think my shirt is going to fit you. It's only a medium. Let me get one of your T-shirts. You take an extra large or is it a double X?"
Her afterglow vanished as soon as it arrived and she sat straight up. "Please tell me you didn't say what I think I just heard. You actually think I'm a double extra large? Why don't you just ask if I have a muumuu while you're at it?”
Suzy stood and threw JC's shirt at his head.

There is also a secret in the book. Sort some know, KT invented the terms "Team Cucumber" and "Team Kabob" for my book, which I totally love. So I was delighted to discover the special cucumber reference in The Claiming of Suzy. I won't say where it is, but it's a fun reference that has the friends together.
  • Excerpts of The Claiming of Suzy here
  • You can buy it here
  • And you can win it by leaving a comment here on this blog!  


Chris said...

Not entering, but I had to say congrats to KT!

Carolyn Crane said...

Well, Chris, I do believe Ms. Grant willl be coming out with something more up your alley soon.

KT Grant said...

Aw thanks :D. JC says a few things he shouldn't. I guess with the blood rushing from his head to another part of his body makes him not think before he speaks.

Chris: I definitely have one book coming out that you'll be interested in, plus another possible one as well, but that's still not set in stone yet.

Anonymous said...

Enter me! I want to win!
--Kallie K.
kouros8655 (at)

Carolyn Crane said...
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Mandi said... funny KT puts a cucumber reference in! Love it :) Congrats KT!!!

Samantha Gail said...

Hello KT...
Just dropped by to wish you congratulations and the best of luck with your fabulous new book!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun review of KTs 'Mollie' and 'Suzy'. I do love Suzy's book, made me laugh and cringe and fan my face all the way through!

Heather Bennett
Executive Editor
Decadent Publishing

Grace Meadows said...

Wow, hot. Congratulations.
I think you should write a how-to-write book. Clearly you have much to teach.
All the best,

Penelope said...

This book looks great. I love the muumuu quote! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!


lbgregg said...

Happy Day, KT/KB/Katiebabs



Ruth A. said...

Congrats, KT!
I am currently bookless at the moment. Now I have someone to hunt for tomorrow.


VickyTinky said...

Congratulations KT!!!

Enter me please but only the giveaway is international!!!


kylie said...

Congrats, K.T.! Five books? Wow. And yeah, go Team Kabob (I hope I'm referring to the correct thing).

Gerry Skoyles said...
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Gerry Skoyles said...

Whoops! Try again - Sunday morning spelling blues.

To achieve five is quite remarkable. To maintain the quality and originality, awesome.

Well done.

Best wishes, Mark.

Tore923 said...

Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book.

Marg said...

Wow, it doesn't seem like all that long since book no. 1 came out. Well done KT!

Now that I can read ebooks more easily, I would like to be entered into the draw for one of these books.

Bookwyrm369 said...

Congrats to KT! Sounds like a great book and would love to win it :-)

Sarah M

Sayuri said...

Team Kabob 4EVA!!!!

I loved 'Mollie' so I'm dying to read 'Suzy'