Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's release day!! + Vlog and video FREAKOUT at Book Smugglers

OMG, so much is happening. Thank you everybody for all the kind wishes, and the wonderful reviews. I am so overwhelmed and excited! And happy. n' stuff.

Video Vlog madness
Hey! First off, I'm over at The Book Smugglers, where they review book #2, Double Cross, and also, there is a vlog where I talk about the book, somewhat pathetically...and then a video answer to their question of whether I ever have to SMUGGLE books past my significant other. The answer: YES. With techniques. Come say hi!

Blog tour...
Okay, I'm doing a blog tour, and I will put up a schedule as soon as I get caught up on the actual posts.
Tomorrow I'll be at Smexy's unveiling my new (fake) line of greeting cards especially for authors and bloggers.
...and Thursday I'll be at Bitten by Books with yet another Vlog, and a post about the secret language of COVERS.
And Friday, I'm at Buckeye girl's place with a guest post! And there's more after that.

Also, I don't know if I'm being too self-pimpy, but a flurry of reviews just came out...and I'm pimpily quoting from them. Because, a release day is a book's birthday, right?

"This is a story of redemption, love, friendship, justice and so much more. This is such an amazing story-I just want everyone to fall in love with the characters and story as much as I did."  ~Buckeye Girl
"The Disillusionists Trilogy is inventive and original without ever going over the top and losing sight of its very flawed, human characters especially Justine, the force behind the series. Double Cross settles this series as one of my current favourites." ~The Book Smugglers
"I loved Mind Games but Double Crossed gave me a good hard shove into crazy, maniacal fan girl territory...Double Cross is a must read." ~Fiction Vixen 
"Double Cross amazed me. It was a kiss with a fist, a soft caress with brass knuckles, and a love poem covered in arsenic. Well done, evil author Crane. Well done." ~Bitten by Books
"Wonderful writing, fascinating and gripping plot and the right amount of romance. You won't be able to put this one down." ~Book Lovers Inc.
I'm so thankful for everybody who has been taking the time to read and review Double Cross, and Mind Games...more to come tomorrow....

Happy day to all my release sisters!
I am in the most amazing company today: releases by Marta Acosta, Courtney Milan, Joelle Charbonneau, Marilyn Brant, Tiffany Clare, Nicola Cornick, Bonnie Dee, Madeline Hunter, Jennifer Haymore, Illona Andrews, Miranda Neville, Jennifer Estep, Rachel Vincent...

...and release brother and fellow leaguer JF Lewis, with his book, Revamped, featuring a heroine with a flesh-eating 1964 muscle car.

AND...It's WIN a Carolyn Crane book day over at my partner in crime's place. LISABEEEEEEEE! xo


Anonymous said...

Happy release day! *confetti comes down from the ceiling. naked man pops out of cake* Ooops that cake was suppose to be sent to my room :-)

Any who, new line of gretting cards? I'll need to check that out. Yup, I'm one of those people who like things like that.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Sullivan McPig said...

The copy I ordered isn't in yet, but what did arrive today were your bookmarks!! Thanks.

Carolyn Crane said...

Steph: It's a fake line of greeting cards.

Sully: Cool!! Yeah!

KT Grant said...

"it's a bomb in my bag." *Snicker*

Happy day for Team Cucumber, Kabob and the Dorks!

Christine said...

Congratulations and happy release day, Carolyn!
That is a whole lot of fun going on today for Double Cross OoooooEEEE!


LSUReader said...

Enjoy today...lots of chocolate and champagne! I just finished Double Cross and it's wonderful. The only bad thing is now I'm finished...and there's a long wait for the next one (sigh.)

Spinecraker said...

OK, the video of you and your husband is HILARIOUS! "It's got a night scope" LMFAO Seriously!

I'm loving that you authors are all vlogging now! Gimme gimme

Joanna Chambers said...

Massive congratulations!!

Lea said...

Congrats on Release Day Carolyn! I'm looking forward to reading DC and I'm so happy for you. What awesome reviews!

Chris said...

Congrats on the new release!! LOL at your book smuggling vid.

Oh, it was good you didn't wait for me before going over to Hugo's, 'cos I came home with a migraine.

Leslie said...

Big congrats on the release of Double Cross!

No such thing as too much self-pimping on release day. :)

kylie said...

Happy release day, Carolyn! The rain and crazy day at work didn't stop me from picking up my copy of DC earlier today.

Penny Watson said...

Happy, happy release day, Carolyn! It looks like you've created another winner...can't wait to read it! :)

Carolyn Crane said...

You guys, thanks SO much for stopping by my pimperly post! And being exciting with me and getting or checking out the book. I'm just so grateful!

orannia said...

Happy release day! All the best!

Shiloh Walker said...

you're in awesome book release company... congrats! It's a wonderful book!