Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are 'Cowboy Menage Dystopians' the next Steampunk?

Exclusive interview! Join Eric Northman on DIK Island as he interviews Miss Doreen about Carolyn Crane, Mind Games, and publishing industry trends! It may be Steampunk week at the Book Smugglers, but this is one scoop they don't have.

And Miss Doreen reveals some amazing news!

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"When a werewolf crashes your party, you know there's going to be trouble..."

LOL. That's right. Bitten by Books is having a 24-hour long event to celebrate Mario Acevedo's latest in the fabulous Felix Gomez detective-vampire series: Werewolf Smackdown. Go check out Acevedo's discussion of supernatural locales and more - and comment to win books, and a $50 gift card!

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Chris said...

You do realize that I'm holding you personally responsible if Cowboy Menage Dystopians turn out to be the next Steampunk...