Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm All About the Pleasure at Novel Thoughts! & Krazy contest roundup

Hey, wow, my first guest post is up over at Novel Thoughts. I wrote about the little pleasures I most enjoy in books, both as a reader and a writer. Topics under discussion:

1. Why I like it when characters eat food in a way I can vicariously enjoy. (Surprised? Please, gentle reader, do not be. Allow me to direct your attention to pics #2 & 3 of the photo montage below)
2. I like when heroines get to wear pretty gowns. (Hence the Paris Hilton pic.)

3. The many delicious pleasures of the TORTURED HERO.

So, come visit! You can also WIN a copy of Mind Games there if you leave a comment!

Contest roundup:

Sheeeit! DABWAHA is on!
Okay, I'm staying out because I WON last year's! xxoo Dear Author and Smart Bitches. DABWAHA RULES! And you should enter! This thing is ON! And it is fun and there are cool books and fabu prizes.

Diana Rowland's Demontastic Contest from Hell
The prize pack for this contest here keeps growing. New Orleans style gift bags with $50 GCs in them, books galore (including a Mind Games!).

Got a messy book case?
This is a hilarious contest. And prizes: "We'll give an awesome mystery prize for the messiest bookshelf. You will at least get a coveted Devil Duck and shwag (not the medicinal kind)" So, does that mean EVERYBODY wins something? I think so!

My own damn contest
I made my own contest, and you can win a fabulous $100 or $50 dinner out, and it's also a game! Live it up. I will only make you shamelessly pimp my book on your blog or facebook as you enter.


Chris said...

You are the source for contest goodness today!

Blodeuedd said...

I already stopped by there :)
That is a pretty gown she is wearing

Ellz said...

That 2010 tournament was FUN! I am a bit ashamed I only knew a few of those titles. Thanks for the link!

Sullivan McPig said...

Great guest post!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by...here and there! Good luck in the contests, too!

orannia said...

Contests galore :) Am off to read your first guest post!

Hilcia said...

Stopped there, stopped here. Loved your post! You're such a busy bee these days... thanks for all the contest links. :)