Thursday, March 11, 2010

Question of the day, cage match & the Aztec Lady interview!!!

Would you drink out of this water glass?
As you see, Oblio loves to drink out of my water glass. I understand that cats are quite sanitary, and have very clean little mouths. In fact, I think I've heard that human mouths have nine million times the bacteria, compared to a cat's mouth.

What do you think? Would you drink out of this glass after Oblio did?

Okay, how about this?
Okay, how about this: sometimes he likes to stick his paw into the water glass and then lick it. Would you drink out of the water glass after he has done that? I guess I'm sort of in denial, and frankly, a bit too lazy and busy to get a new glass of water every time Oblio has partaken. Am I a fool?

I am a person who won't touch the remote control in a hotel room, unless I put on gloves first, because they are typically so contaminated with pathogens, but I will drink my cat-tainted water. Am I being inconsistent? Seriously, watch out for those hotel remote controls. You only have to do a quick thought experiment to understand why.

Harry Dresden v. Conan the Barbarian: Who would win??
Could Harry Dresden vanquish Conan the Barbarian? (I thought yes! but when you look at the debate raging in the comments, hmm!) How about a match-up between Edward Cullen and Ged? Go vote on this round of the Suvudu Cage match!

I am loving this thing. It's fun when you know the players, and also, a great way to get to know new heroes and villains by clicking around that bracket. A nerdy all-around delight. Voting closes today at 5 pm EST for this particular round, but there are a ton more! Bracket here. Click to drill into the details.

The fun Aztec Lady interview!!
The mysterious and ravishing Aztec Lady, reviewer at Karen's and elsewhere as well as knitter & crocheter extraordinaire, has interviewed me for Ann Aguirre's Newsletter, Action and Attitude! It's a really fun interview, about readerly, bookish things, and my first!

You can download the newsletter from Ann's site here. There are also links to excerpts from Hell Fire, items about other releases, and more on that crazy Hell Fire lottery.


Ellz said...

Hmm, the cat thing. Well, the drinking from the glass doesn't sound so bad. but the paws, does she use a litter box. All that scratching must leave some bacteria on the little paws. Awww, I wouldn't worry about it, your probably immune by now. LOL

Kati said...

Uh, Oblio does use a litter box, right? And he probably spends a good amount of time covering his cat poo with that little paw that he sticks in your water glass.

eColi, here you come.

I ended up using Camelbak water bottles because my old cat used to help herself to my water all the time.

Carolyn Crane said...

Elie and Kati: Okay, you guys make a very smart point regarding the litter!! What with the eColi.

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

*gak!* I don't even drink after other people - ever! (okay, so maybe I'm not the best person to objectively answer your question.)

Chris said...

If I see the cat doing either, I get new water. ESPECIALLY the foot thing. That said, I have been drinking water and noticed that there were litter particles at the bottom of the glass... Eeep!

But yeah, between the butt cleaning and the litter box? No way will I knowingly drink water that a cat has sampled.

Mayhem wins a gross out award for walking up to Jeanne's water glass and sneezing into it. New glass, new water, no request from Jeanne required....

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

But do they sample your scotch on the rocks? And at that point would the alcohol nullify any possible bacteria?

Kati said...

Mayhem wins a gross out award for walking up to Jeanne's water glass and sneezing into it.

Chris this made me guffaw outloud at work. LMAO! That sounds like something Stella would do.

Chris said...

I'm honored, Kati! I esp love that Mayhem has never does this to me - only to a guest...

Christine said...

I'd get new water. ^_^

I have one cat who loves coffee, light and sweet. I didn't know this until I caught her red handed.. red pawed? with her nose in my cup after I had her already for maybe eight years. Usually she scrambles off the table before I walk into the room, but I had to wonder how many years she was doing that before I caught her. Now I'm much more cautious about where I put my mug. Then again, she's much more brazen about climbing on my lap and trying to get her nose in my coffee right in front of me now. LOL.

Off to check out your interview! I get that newsletter! :)

Chris said...

I thought that this post was esp apropos after reading your post!

Blodeuedd said...

I keep forgetting to head over to Ann's place.

Hm,as for the cat question, if their mouths are clean why not. As for the foot, nah not then, poop alert

KT Grant said...

My cat sticks her nose in my glass all the time. But if she puts her paws in, that's another thing all together because of her using the litter box 20 times a day!

Carolyn Crane said...

Patti: I don't like to drink after people either. I guess I make exceptiosn for pets. Tho, rethinking!

Chris: That is hiilarious about the particles. And the sneezing!

SVZ: Good point! I need to switch drinks!!!

Christine: Coffee! That is very unusual. Must have been the milk.

BLDD: Yes, Surely his mouth is clean.

KB: No litter for you!

Leslie said...

Nope, wouldn’t drink out of the glass. Cats’ mouths may be cleaner but they have cat germs. Like from the mouse they caught last night. :P

Paw in the glass – is this the paw that caught the mouse?

Hotel rooms – I carry a travel size Lysol spray. I go into the room and spray everything first. I don't want to know what's on the remote, just want to kill it.

I asked the experts about Harry vs. Conan. The boys say Harry because he can attack from long range and can summon things. :)

orannia said...

My understanding is that cats have a lot of bacteria in their mouths, and around their claws....sorry CJ!

Oh, an interview. *races off to read*

Jill Sorenson said...

Oblio looks like a very fastidious cat! I'm sure he keeps his paws clean and well-groomed.

I don't own a cat and feel only a mild affection for my dog (I'm a cold, cold woman!) so I can't really relate. But I totally share food/drinks with my kids, kiss their bare feet etc. I'm not a germophobe.

Joanna Chambers said...

I would not drink out of the water glass.

However, I recognise how hypocritical this is given the toweringly unsanitary things I put up with from my three year old.

Love is a curious thing.