Thursday, March 13, 2008

Help us fry our brains!

Okay, Mark and I need to find a new series we can rent from Netflix that we both can agree on. Help! We can't watch regular TV, because our TV only plays DVDs, so it can't be a show on now. And no, he would never go for North and South. To help in your recommendations, here is some info.

Past favorite shows:
  • Buffy, Angel, Firefly
  • The Wire
  • The Shield
  • Star Trek original and Next Generation
  • First 3 seasons of Sopranos
  • NYPD Blue
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • X-files & that spin off
  • Murder One
  • The Practice
  • Monk
Tried but didn't like:
  • Heroes
  • Veronica Mars (M saw it and said it sucks)
  • Rome
  • Weeds
  • Lost (it was okay for a while)
  • Smallville
  • Torchwood
  • Prime Suspect
  • Alias
  • ER
  • All doctor and hospital dramas
  • 24
As you see, we go for sci fi and crime, but we'll take anything. We are currently re-watching Angels. We already rewatched Buffy. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Do you like historical westerns? The mini-series Lonesome Dove was good and there was a Lonesome Dove TV series for awhile that might be out on DVD as well and it was good too. I know its not crime or sci-fi but its all I can think of right now. Can you tell I dont watch alot of tv or movies? I suck. Sorry.

lisabea said...

Arrested Development is such a fav of mine. Sigh. So funny. CJ, when do you think HBO is ever going to get Trueblood out?

Kati said...

I really love Friday Night Lights. But it may be a little too "afternoon special" for you.

Also 30 Rock is great. And How I Met Your Mother.

OK, none of my suggestions are Sci-Fi or Crime related. Sorry.

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey Kim,
We would happily do a western. Do you think a guy would go for Lonesome Dove? I don't know anything about it. M has a low tolerance for too much romance, but maybe if there are some gunfights...

LB & MK thanks for those suggestions! I'm going to look into them for sure. I didn't mean to say we are only interested in sci fi and crime, it's just where we end up.

Anonymous said...

Cj- Lonesome Dove was based off of a book, by Larry McMurtry. I don't know if I would classify it as a romance. It had romantic elements but mostly it is about 2 Texas Rangers who become cattlemen in a post civil war west. A prequel to Lonesome Dove was just on tv a couple of months ago, Comanche Moon. Lots of gun fights, cowboys and indians,and not alot of smoochin' so Mark might like it.

Joanna Chambers said...

Don't know if you can get it on Netflix but LIFE ON MARS. Great.

LesleyW said...

Don't know if it's on Netflix, LOL - because although people talk about it all the time I don't have a clue what it is or does.

But have you tried Farscape?

LorelieLong said...

Third Watch. 1st Season just came out on DVD and I know it's on Netflix 'cause it's on my queue. It's all about the 3 to 11 pm shift of the NY Police, Fire and EMT Departments.

Carolyn Crane said...

Okay, All of you, thanks for these. I am looking into all of these ideas, and I really appreciate these suggestions. Really. This is exactly what I needed! There are some seriously promising ones here!

Enchanted by Books said...

If I had the money to buy all of the following on DVD, I would since I absolutely love them:

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (this show is finally out on DVD. I believe they have 3 seasons out so far. It gets better as they go along. It's about a girl who is a witch and lives with her aunts who guide her on how to use and not use her powers. great show!)

Charmed (this show has tons of dvd's out. I think 8 or 9 seasons. It's about 3 sisters called The Charmed Ones who are witches. There's tons of magic, greek mythology, humor, romance, everything. LOVE this series)

Dexter (fantastic!! only one season out so far) (this series is beyond addicting. It's about a forensic specialist named Dexter who is a serial killer. He kills only bad people who have hurt others. It's SO GOOD!!)

Sarai said...

Okay I agree with Dexter fantastic show, Life on Mars is great but Netflix doesn't have it. I love Hex it's a BBC show that is about a girl in a boarding school who has powers and a fallen angel is trying to tempt her.
Another great show is Supernatural but I just love Jensen so that might be a slight bias on my end. I usually watch, Heroes (which really disappointed me this year) How I met your mother (comedy) Robin hood (BBC Show) Dresdan files (for laughs not nearly as good as the books but Damn this Harry is hot) Criminal Minds (I like the crazies) Dexter and of course Supernatural. If I think of anything else I will let you know

Sarai said...

Just thought your hubby might like Deadwood I can't remember if it is on your list or not. About the wild west lots of shooting, cussing and whoring (I swear it's the only show the hubby will sit through without complaining besides Dexter!)

Carolyn Crane said...

This is great, thanks! Dexter in particular may be up our alley. We watched a season or maybe two of Deadwood and liked it pretty much, but it got a bit grim after a bit, but that is a good suggestion. We are totally going to try a lot of these.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched The Highlander? There was a movie in 1986 and then a tv series after that. Main character is Duncan McCloud, an immortal. All six seasons of the tv series are on DVD. I think it is classified as Sci-fi or paranormal. I enjoyed the tv series but I never saw the movie. There was another movie made later that I heard was really bad but the original I heard was very good.

sula said...

*sigh* I am so disappointed that you did not like Torchwood that I do believe I am unable to make recommendations. 'Cept for Doctor Who, but if you didn't like Torchwood, then it's probable that DW would also not float the boat.

Robin Hood (BBC) is worth watching for the smoldering hotness that is Richard Armitage. But also very corny. hmm.

Carolyn Crane said...

Don't feel bad, Sula! You arre still a good recommender in my eyes, and Torchwood, It was a good recommendation. It really fit our profile, even though we didn't like it. We didn't hate it, but I think we're just overly used to American TV, you know? We should've liked it.

LorelieLong said...

Came back 'cause I thought of another. Not sure now, since you said Deadwood was grim, but I'll suggest it anyway. There was a point where I cut down my book budget in order to be able to buy these discs.

Oz, the HBO show.

Life in the big house. Gruesome violence, homosexuality (consentual and non), racism, drugs, all that good stuff. :D (I really wish I could put up that smiley with the horns right now. lol)

Anonymous said...

The Tick--the life action one with Patrick warburton. He says to his side kick, "You're on a first name basis with Lucidity whereas it's strictly 'Mr. Lucidity' with me." But I think some people who loved the comic didn't like it. Geeks and Freaks? Home Movies?

Carolyn Crane said...

LL: Oz is a good thought - I was trying to remember the name of that show the other day. Let me ask you, if you're tracking back - are there things to look forward to in it? I can take a lot of grimness if it is, you know, cut with something to anticipate.

K: Welcome! Okay, Geeks and Freaks: brilliant choice, and we loved it, but I forgot to include it. The Tick sounds very enticing.

LorelieLong said...

Um....depends what you mean. Looking at the character list on IMDB, a good third die by the end. There are moments of beauty but they almost always have to pay for them, painfully.

Shannon said...

Hmmm... Have you tried watching Bones? It is crime fighting with David Boreanez! Unlike in Angel, he gets to smile and laugh someimtes. He and the female lead have great chemistry.

Another one I would recommend (although I am not sure it is available on Netflix) is Jekyll. I was a BBC show. Mini series, perhaps. The lead did a fabulous job. He was able to be sweet and creepy. The female lead is a fav of mine since she was on the British version of Coupling (which is another show you should check out if you happen to like British comedies.)

Bridget Locke said...

Okay...lessee if I can give you anything...wait, that sounded wrong! LOL!

There was a show on ABC called Traveler. It only lasted 1 season, which is a complete & utter shame. Action/adventury with VERY hot guys. :) Kinda corny in the start, but definitely got better. Stupid ABC cancelled it way too soon.

Pushing Daisies. Whoa, weird, but oh so good. :) Probably not on DVD yet, cuz it's still in the first season, but I love it!

Also recommend Chuck. Same thing (not on DVD), but so funny & tongue-in-cheek.

For just straight movies, nothing beats the classics. Vertigo, Rope, North by Northwest, et. al by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (plus A Fistful of Dollars and a Few Dollars More) Clint Eastwood in all his growly hotness

Harvey (invisible 6 foot rabbit only Jimmy Stewart can see). Very sad, but sweet.

To Kill a Mockingbird. One of the best books & movie adaptations ever! Gregory Peck is unbelievably hot as Atticus Finch. *sigh*

Sorry, parents raised me on classics. So good! :) I've got a gazillion more, if you're interested.

Bridget Locke said...

And North & South (not the Patrick Swayze one)

Class differences, gorgeous cinematography, beautiful countryside, and...the unbelievable hotness that is Richard Armitage. *wiping drool* Definitely, a can't miss. :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Thanks for the ideas! These are all great.
I do want to see North and South, but M would never go for it, and I hardly ever watch tv alone. But I so want to join the crusade!

The Traveller and Bones could be good.