Sunday, March 9, 2008

My husband chooses a winner!

I followed my usual process, writing the names of my entrants on ripped up pieces of paper and bringing them to my husband, Mark, to select.

I searched all over our home and finally found Mark in the garden room, dressed in his favorite frock coat, hanging slightly open, wearing a bit of slap, as he often does on a Saturday night. One of his advisers knelt at his feet, nervously updating him on his Indo-European holdings, and the boy had just brought him a cocktail on a silver tray - not his first, I could tell.

I wanted to show Mark the names I had in my trembling hands, but I was afraid the breeze from the women fanning him would blow the papers out of my hand. With an annoyed gesture he sent the women away, as well as the ones massaging his feet, the boy with the tray, and his nervous advisor and turned to the task at hand, choosing a winner.

Mark was very upset to see there were only three contestants. He berated me for the unpopularity of my blog and suggested that I write more interesting posts, perhaps to try and emulate the entry he contributed, which was a great success. I assured him that was my most fervent prayer for myself.

Finally he picked a winner. Lisabea is your winner, he muttered, casting the scrap to the floor. That's not even a real name.

It is a real name, I said, shaking with rage. It is the real name of a fine lady!


sula said...

lmao. What a great entry. Milady, you have a way with words. Favorite frock coat, indeed.

Congratulations, ms. lisabea!!! You will lurve this book. Or else! lol. But seriously. It's the cat's meow.

lisabea said...

Man your husband is HOT! Phew. The frockcoat gets me every single time. Yay! I won the frenchie book!!!Thank you My Queen of Hilarity.

Also, dude(tte), you gave it like 6 hours or something.

Signed, Lisabea
That's not even a real name really.

Carolyn Crane said...
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Carolyn Crane said...

Hey Sula! I agree, she will love it. LB: send me your address before tonight. Congrats!

KT Grant said...

Yeah, what is a bea anyway?

Sarai said...

Okay seriously I wasn't online Friday night and by Saturday I just popped on to do my thing and didn't make the rounds (I have learned my lesson well). Congrats to Lisabea!!!
I hear it's great had the hubby order it for my be-lated V-day gift ;)

Joanna Chambers said...

LOL - that's a roomy apartment you've got there!

I didn't enter cos already oddered it from der intertoobs

Jenn said...

This post made me laugh so hard that I snorted - and then sent the link to all my friends.

Yay, Lisabea!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey Jgrillo,

Thanks so much for the kind feedback, and the snort, and just for dropping by!

lisabea said...

CeeJay! Thank you for the wee book which arrived today!

Christine said...

Lisabea is getting spoiled... first she wins a pony from you CJ, now she wins The Spymaster's Lady! WOW!

I'll be reading The Spymaster's Lady as soon as I finish Witch Blood by Anya Bast. :)