Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update on my Feeder

No birds have visited my bird feeder yet. As my more clever readers will already have observed from the photo, I have put some string on the bottom of it, to entice them with nest construction materials. Still, they don’t come.

Those birds try to act so tough and emotionless, but they are fragile inside. And so weary of fighting! They have fought all the way up here from the south. Others have fought a punishing winter here in Minneapolis. They need to experience the healing goodness of a full bird feeder.

My bird feeder is the one thing that can save them, if only they would open their steely hearts!

I see birds visiting my neighbor’s bird feeder, which is empty, yet they try to feed from it. They don't understand: THAT FEEDER is so wrong for them, whereas my bird feeder is perfect for them, bursting with yummy goodness, yet it hangs lonely and forlorn.

If only they would cast aside their pride and fly over here to discover my bird feeder, they would able to gorge themselves, and they’ll see that they needed my bird feeder all along. And my bird feeder would be fulfilled, nourishing them from its own body.

Oh, God, will they ever be together??? The tension is killing me!


Charlie Blockhead said...
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Christine said...

LOL Carolyn Jean! You crack me up. I say one of two things is going on here:

1. Only Midnight Breed Birds are coming to your feeder, so you are sleeping and don't see them there. And since they are vamp birds, they are just feeding off each other and not the seeds? ;)


2. It sometimes takes a while (maybe even a few weeks) for the birds to "discover" your feeder.

lisabea said...

CJ~ That bird feeder is so exotic. Perhaps they are afraid of the iron bars and contemporary construction. It's intimidating and looks like a trap of some sort. What you need to do is go into the craft section of your walmart and purchase a one of those fake birds people glue onto....things....and glue it inside those iron bars. Then the other birds will come to investigate, possibly with a cake they've carefully baked a file into....

Sarai said...

I concur with lisabea your birdfeeder is too advance for the simple minded birds that are going to your neighbors. I would say when the birds figure out that you have food they will become smarter and high maintence.
Refusing that simple crap the neighbors have. Don't worry, hang in there eventually the intelligent, good looking ones will come and feast!

Carolyn Crane said...

C: that is funny. And yes, maybe they are only out at night! And not interested in mere seeds!

LB:LOL on your file idea!
Oh, the feeder is squirrel proof. I know it sort of looks like a cage, and I don't like that, but there are tons of squirrels around here, and I read that they can scare the birds away.

S: You're right, maybe THOSE birds are wrong for MY feeder.

Wendy said...

Those birds don't know what they're missing!

You do know there's only one thing to do, right? Steal the neighbor's feeder so then the birds HAVE to use yours, aha!

lisabea said...

Wendy that is the most excellent plan. She could move it over slowly, day by day, until it is hanging right next to her Thunderdome Bird Feeder. Then they'd hop right in.

Wendy said...

Lisabea, exactly! Next thing you know, Carolyn's bird feeder is the most popular one.

Who knew the world of bird feeding could be so competitive.

Carolyn Crane said...

These are such excellent plans, you guys. But I want the birds to recognize the bird feeder's wonderfullness without trickery, or they will be angry when they discover they were deceived.

Joanna Chambers said...

Bird feeders are like blogs. You spend ages setting it all up, fill it up with tasty stuff and then no-one comes - not at first. But after a while, a wee birdy hops in and then another and then another and soon enough you're waffling about, I don't know, bird feeders or something and getting comments in double-digits.

Happy days.

lisabea said...

So photos of hot plumed birds in compromising positions hung artfully from the streamers is subterfuge?

Josh Lanyon said...

Hmmm. Your birdfeeder looks like a birdcage. I think it's scaring the little birds away. If I was a little bird I would be very wary of that there Star Wars looking birdcage-styled feeder.

I'm just sayin'.

Carolyn Crane said...

T: a very fine analogy. So true.

LB: Well, subterfuge for the neighbors.

Josh: yes, sort of deathstar. I know it looks like a birdcage. I sort of hate that about it, too. But I was advised to go squirrel proof!

lisabea said...

You NEED an IM account.


sula said...

They have birds in Minnesota????

ha! just kiddin. Actually, one of my college buddies who still lives in the Cities is an ornithologist (sp?) and can trick the birdies into coming to him cuz he can whistle like them. You wants I should send him your way? ;)