Monday, December 29, 2008

All about Anthologies at Nicola's

I hope everybody had a great holiday. 
I'm trying to shake the Christmas cobwebs out of my brain. Or maybe it's tinsel. 

Anyway, today I'm at Nicola's blog, Alpha Heroes!  She is hosting Antholopalooza, a big month-long anthology blowout, and I'm there with an essay on anthologies. Why I never read them and wish I read more. 

All this month, she and others have been reviewing so many anthologies, she is like anthology central now in my mind. Check it out. 

Tomorrow: I'm visiting at The Book Smugglers!  


Kati said...

Wow, CJ, you totally get around.

(and looking like you do in that photo, who can blame you?!)

Hope you had happy holidays!

Carolyn Crane said...

No, Kati, that's a photo of YOU, in your photo darkroom with photos of my avatar because you missed me so much over the holidays. So sweet. I missed you, too!

Tracy said...

CJ - my goodness. I can't believe you dress so provocatively to develop photos! lol

Carolyn Crane said...

Tracy: I feel it's important for a wife to keep up her appearances around the house.

little alys said...

Wooo, this anthology sounds pretty good. :D I save to list. Teehee.

So, does this mean you're back for the holidays? ^_____^

Renee said...

Busy lady!
Welcome back. Hope your holidays were fun.

Sarah said...

Cool, will check it out. You're a busy bee!

Jace said...

Hey CJ, thanks for the feedback! :-D Appreciate it very much. :-)

samantha.1020 said...

I don't read anthologies that often either but especially with paranormal series I feel like I should. I have a couple on my shelfs but haven't gotten to them yet. Have a great new year!