Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday gift exchange #11 and newsy items

More holiday gift giving between characters!Newsy items:
Bingeduckia has begun!!
It's reading madness all this week (Dec 10-17) at the Book Binge. They have teamed up with The Good, The Bad and The Unread on Bingeaduckia, a celebration of books, the romance community, anthologies and just a whole lot of book reading goodness--with giveaways, contests and fun--scroll down to find a really fun scavenger hunt! There are also contributions from fellow bloggers on what they're thankful for in the romance community.

Smugglivus continues!

The Book Contests, interviews. Today they have NYT best-selling author Angie Fox (The Accidental Demon Slayer). You can win her book by commenting. There is also a chance to win Mike Stone's Fourtold (which gets my vote for FREAKIEST cover ever) and The Magical Christmas Cat.

The birds are back!
Thank goodness! I felt really bad for letting the food run out. There are three kinds of birds that come to my birdfeeder now, helpfully pictured here. The black capped chickadee, the sparrow, and the nut hatch, who often feeds upside down. The cats and I are so pleased!

My site ( is finally up! & marginally interesting anecdotes about making it
Okay, it looks so simple, you wouldn't think it took me THREE MONTHS to make!  I have to get a REAL picture of myself, too. That one on the site doesn't look that much like me. Anyway, that site is where I will talk about book-related stuff. Oh, who am I kidding. Super exciting things will be talked about here, too. (I hope I don't get any bats in my bouquet! JK. See Jessica's funny post here.)

So at this point I know just enough about HTML that when I change something in the source code, there is a moderate chance that it will not wreck the page, and when it works, it seems like magic.

Last night, there was this one link from the home page to the books page that just WOULDN'T work, and I spent all this time trying different things to make it go. It made me re-evaluate everything I know about how the pages find each other. Finally, I called my hosting service, and it was like, a permissions box wasn't checked on their own FTP thing.

So I have this HTML book for dummies, and when I bought it I discovered Chapter 14, "working with forms," was cut out by some jerk. Like, somebody went into B&N and cut it out with a knife. I was thinking of returning it but then I thought, when am I EVER going to actually make my own form? It was my little thing I did for the book publishing industry to not return it.

Anyway, if you do go out there and it looks at all weird, let me know. I have only tested it on mac browsers.


meljean brook said...

It looked great to me. And the description of your books is fabulous. 2010? That seems far away, but I guess it'll be 2009 in a couple of weeks. How did THAT happen? O_o

Carolyn Crane said...

Thanks SO much, MJ! *sigh* 2010 feels really far to me, too!

little alys said...

The website looks great! Congrats! Although, I don't even know if I should mention this, but your bio picture makes your boobs look huge. Just letting you know. The book sounds hilarious. Trapped for eternity in a Mangolian Restaurant, now I want M BBQ. Mmmm...

HTML is bleh. Which freakin idiot curves out book pages? O_o That person needs serious help.

And birds. Horray! Bird pictures. :D

Anonymous said...

Ah the new site is awesome! and you're right, 2010 is forever away.
Also love the latest cartoon :) Mr. Thornton can give us his shirt, I mean a shirt, anytime. heh.

(Just cause I'm an editor nerd, shouldn't it be Eastern European, not Easter European, in the book description. Sorry, end nerdiness.)

Carolyn Crane said...

LA: thanks! And you know what? you're right about the picture. My boobs do look huge! Which, I wouldn't mind if it was true, but they aren't in real life, so I cropped it, but now I screwed it up. Errgh.

Julia! Thanks! I fixed it. But now the page isn't showing. Okay. So much for my vast knowledge. But I'll get it back up there.

Carolyn Crane said...

Okay, LA and Julia:
I have fixed both items successfully!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks great on my MAC (latest Firefox)!

It's too bad you are changing the title -- I loved it! But I guess it wasn't all that descriptive (was that why?)

The call of the black capped chickadee is one of my top five favorite sounds in the world.

And don't worry about the blogbats. I'm all out of them for the rest of the year, and besides, you're still only at AD LEVEL 3, well within acceptable limits. ;)

little alys said...

CJ- LOL, I wasn't complaining, just pointing it out. I'm sure we all wish our boobs were that big. And, I'm going to switch topic to curb the bosom talk. ^_~

The story seriously sounds hilarious. One question though: Any hot smex scenes? Or do I have to wait for it in the second book?

About the comic: Don't you think those UF heroines will be getting their new RT shirts all ripped given their lifestyles? Those perfectly good, RT made shirts. Hehehehe.

Ladytink_534 said...

Wow neat words. Never heard of Bingeduckia or Smugglivus before. I love chickadees! They're so cute.

Carolyn Crane said...

Jessica: I think the title isn't sexy enough. But yeah, I have always preferred the title.

LA: Oh, never fear. The book is totally smutty!

And really, I appreciated the boobs comment. Because, it was a misrepresentation. Who knows, maybe they'll grow and I'll change the picture back! LOL, RT would be very mad to have his gifts ruined.

Carolyn Crane said...

LT: yes, I love both those names!

Renee said...

The site looks great! Hang in there with the HTML. Practice will make it much easier.

Can't wait for the book to come out! :-)

Love the comic, esp. the faceless heroine with the tramp stamp. lol

KT Grant said...

The site looks marvelous! Hot mutant loving. WOO HOO :D

Carolyn Crane said...

Renee: that sounds like the voice of experience.

KB: Thanks!!!

Kati said...

It's beyoootiful, CJ! I'm beside myself to read book one! Congrats on slogging through and getting it done, I know it was tough.

Yay CJ! Oh, and Alys is right, you look delightfully bodacious in your author photo. I think you should totally own it. Like, "Damn right my boobs are huge. So's my brain."

Carolyn Crane said...

Kati: Thanks! I'm afraid it will be so long til then, I'll forget what I even wrote!

The boobs thing is funny - it was an optical illusion because of how the photo was cropped - false advertising!

I don't want people to think I photoshopped my boobs to look big, then when they see me in real life, they aren't.

Sayuri said...

No fair...I missed the huge boobs! I can't tell you how dissppointed I am.

Website looks great CJ and I am mightly impressed you did that all by your lonesome. HTML would have wrestled me to the ground tied me up and left me for dead before I'd gotten even half as far. Well done.

Signed up for the newsletter and now can't wait to read books after reading the blurb.

Anonymous said...

CJ, the site looks great in Safari which is, I believe, the suckiest browser on the Mac platform. I clicked all the pages and marveled at your HTMLitude.

Marg said...

I totally agree - your website looks great!

Kati said...

I don't want people to think I photoshopped my boobs to look big, then when they see me in real life, they aren't.

You know, that's just what I'll be thinking in July when I meet you, "CJ was nice, but I thought her boobs would be bigger." ;oP

Anonymous said...

"eternal imprisonment in a Mongolian restaurant"

Oh no! One of those grill-buffet places where you can't blame the chef because YOU chose the sucky combination of veggies with too much soy sauce and crunchy bits that don't taste as good as they looked? That's a helluva setting, rife with fiercely DIYish independence, self-blame, many chances to try again for redemption, and even a leeeetle danger.

Anonymous said...

Late, but I wanted to say it anyway: your website looks great! I'm very impressed that you did it all by yourself. And: your series sounds very interesting.

Congrats! :)

The Bookworm said...

cute birdies cj :)
and fabulous new site!