Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday gift exchange in Romancelandia #5

Wow! The holiday gift exchange between heroes, heroines and villains of our favorite books (or actually, my favorite books) continues.

*Full disclosure: Actually, I never finished the Tairen Soul one, because I was so annoyed the Rain couldn't control his emotions - it seemed like he was flipping out ALL the time! *ducks* But I know it is a great favorite of many readers I respect. Please Kati, don't make me read that one! Or you either, KB. Did he get over his temper problem?


KT Grant said...

Rain must have had a few of Phury's smoke in King of Sword and Sky because he was mellow. Maybe the fey sex he has been having with Ellie has helped.

You have to do a gift exchance for Rehv!!

Anonymous said...

Ceej, did you miss the part where Rain's A CAT? As in,

supine and sybaritic READY TO KILL center of attention HUNTING MODE need to be alone NOOO I'M ALONE nobody loves me BITE BITE BITE RARR don't want your stinkin food WHERE'S MY SWORDFISH STEAK I WILL MAKE YOU RUE THE DAY WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT WHERE IS IT don't care if it's the end of the world i'm having a nap AAAGH THE VACUUM

Carolyn Crane said...

KB: good to hear he settled down.

RFP: OMG, What? LOL this is really funny. Surely it's not from the book! You must have cats. I do too. That is how they are.

Kati said...

What? You don't love a guy with impulse control issues??

No, I get it. The series isn't for everyone. Even though I love it, I get that many other sophisticated fantasy readers hate the series.

But me? I loves it.

I'm simple that way.

Anonymous said...

True, it's not *straight* from the book. The vacuum, for example: there is definitely no vacuum in the book.

Really though, you know his "tairen" part is a giant flying cat, right? I found it helped to keep that in mind. It didn't make me like him better, but it made me giggle when he acted like a gato loco.

Carolyn Crane said...

Kati: I love that you love it. Did you just call me a sophisticated fantasy reader? LOL.

RFP: I forgot about that, but wow, that cat thing makes me feel so much more sympathetic to Rain. Now it all makes sense. And that thing you wrote seems even funnier.

Nicola O. said...

This whole thread is hilarious!

Thanks for the laugh on a day when I find out my husbands relatives are visiting IN A COUPLE HOURS. *looks around at wreckage of house*


*clicks to next blog*

Imonna start cleaning in a minute, really.

Kati said...

Did you just call me a sophisticated fantasy reader?

I could tell by your red velvet smoking jacket, cat-eyed reading glasses, and the jaunty beret on your head.


Carolyn Crane said...

Nicola: Good luck with that!

Kati: Hey! LOL. Did you visit my webcam??? Jaunty beret! Wait, Is that what a fantasy reader wears? I was thinking it would be more like a princess outfit. But maybe that is an unsophisticated fantasy reader!

Kati said...

Well, speaking as a completely unsophisticated fantasy reader (I've read about four altogether), I go with my hand fairy wings and magic wand when I read fantasy.

But I can't wait for the day I graduate to jaunty beret and smoking jacket. I'll be quite the dandy.

Jace said...

Wheeeee ... another good one. LOL I haven't read Tairen Soul Book 1. It's in the TBR. What else is new? *sigh* I KNOW who Phury is, though. *cackles* He's my favourite brother, along with V, and I HATE what Ward did to him. Better stop here before I launch into a full-blown rant!

Ladytink_534 said...

Lol. It sounds like something Phury would give as a gift! Not sure who that other dude is though.

Sarah said...

hehehe. These are so funny! Think this might be my fav. ;)

Tracy said...

Your are so ingenious! I love these gift exchanges!

Now Phury don't be contaminating Rain, boy!

Anonymous said...

Lord knows Fey sex helped me! *g* Roowwrrr.

And personally I think we should all get some of Phurmia's red smokes, cuz Ward says they're not addictive, but I dunno maaaan. Time for some 'sperimentin'. Who's up for some Cheech and Chong, BDB style?