Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday gift exchange in Romancelandia #20

Ah, the holiday exchange goes an increasingly questionable and arcane fashion.

Oh, what? You don't get the reference to the tree sex guy? The double dicked alien? (Who reviewed that one? Send me a link.) These tales were permanently etched in my brain this year.

I promise, tomorrow I have a better cartoon.

For more wholesome fun (well, maybe not more wholesome, but certainly more fun)  Lorelie has posted her crazy hilarious finale, chapter 8 of the Baby Food Baron!! A red-hot Holiday must-read.

As usual, if you haven't been following, start here at Chapter ONE.


KT Grant said...

WOW, this may be your most risque gift yet!
Poor Marissa, she can't help it that she is stiff as a board in bed. I would assume Butch helped her a great deal.
Or imagine if Rehv had showed her the strength of the barb!!
Does that make Rehv a two dick alien?

Carolyn Crane said...

Yes, I think I am scraping the bottom of the idea barrel. But, Sayuri helped me think of tomorrow's.

I am still a bit concerned about that barb. I don't get it's, uh, pleasurable aspect. Surely there is one! I need to read the book. I understand the Scribe Virgin has a barb, also.

little alys said...

OMG. You and KB are the best menace. >_< Have yet to become a BDB cw, but I'll get to it soon enough.

Oh, the end was hilarious. Valium. Oh yeah.

KB! The barb is not more two penis than Lora Leigh's Breeds' thingy. Or Emma Holly's Demon series. Hmmm...what's with all these extensions?

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, I guess I need to be more up on these things if I'm going to make cartooons about them. So Lora Leigh and Emma Holly's guys have doubles, too? I just remember reading a review discussion on it. KB thinks maybe it was Raine that she reviewed.

Yes, the end of Baby Food Baron was funny!

little alys said...

I think you're up on them wonderfully as they are (no pun intended ^_~).Emma Holly's guys have this "whip," in royal males. Lora Leigh's guys do have a barb of some sort.

Oh the joy of weird male genitalia. ^___~

I can't wait for tomorrows. :D

Tracy said...

What a perfect gift for Marissa - that chick needs to loosen up!

JenB said...

I personally would have preferred a cartoon in which Marissa gets eaten by a dragon or hit by a speeding train...maybe next time? ;)

Y'know...she could have excellent DP if only Butch and V would share her.

*off to hide now*

lisabea said...

How proud I am to say that, yes, I reviewed them both...

Carolyn Crane said...

T & Jen: I was worried I was being too mean to Marissa, but I guess not!

LB: Well! Who woulda thunk?

Renee said...

OK, so that was an interesting detour! OMG, I almost died reading that amazingly funny tree sex review over at Lisabea's. Ew, and ew.

First wo1f secks, now trees?

CJ, I never realized you're running an educational blog, here. My horizons are being expanded. *blink*